The Chia Plant Heads at the Smorgasbordaterria.

Smoking Mirrors – Oct 17, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Oh yeah, as I live and breathe. I sit here at the remote console of the Kali Yuga. Big black bitch, none too happy, four arms, holding swords and heads and cups of blood. This is the summing up, of things long gone, but not forgotten and showing up like it’s the apple of your face, or is it just twirling silently in space? Good question. This kind of thing could give a man an erection, if that was how he rolled. Some roll and some are rolled, much like Howdy Doody Bwak! My advice is that you “keep on rockin’ in the free world”, if you can find it. Looks like Old Ben Gunn is rockin in Benghazi, where people are definitely ‘smart as paint’.
The kind of people who want to go into politics, like that Leona Helmsley duplicate in Australia, make one think that there is a viral, aggressive, grasping need to just steal shit, until there is no more shit and the result of which, is that everything then turns into shit in the bargain. Oh ♫I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden♫ Where do these people come from? It’s when these people show up that I know Judgment is on the menu, here at the Smorgasbordaterria, Armageddon, All Day Special. These are the people that invented barbed wire. These are the people who invented chain link fences and think the TSA is a good idea, because they fund the people who make it happen. They are your every day, garden variety, psychopaths, like the Koch Brothers. Yes, we are at work in the underbrush and “I want a shrubbery”! I’m not talking about the potted plants that make up a large portion of the population sector. These are the Chia Plant Heads that have way too much time on their hands because they are engaged in nothing important. Wal-Mart is designing a shopping cart for them where they can rest their stomachs while the cruise the endless aisles of WTF is that? I want it! ♫I want it all. I want it all, I want it all and I want it NOW♫
There is a mist. There is a gossamer curtain, of dream louvers, samskaras and small change getting ♫rained on with his own 38♫ Lord, love a duck. Duck Soup? Duct tape? The official Olympic restraint of the Wide Boy dimension. Does anyone understand dimension? Does anyone get reality? Does anyone get it? A lot of people get it. Without question it is The Central Bankers, The Money Changers. I remember the smug and smirky HBO comedian talk show host who said, “Yeah, you know who they mean when they say moneychangers? They mean us.” Is it true? That should be the question and keep in mind when there are things that it is made against the law to question that that poses an even bigger question.
It’s a sticky wicket for me because some number of times when I was in the shit, it was members of The Tribe that bailed me out of it. It is not difficult to grasp what is at work. It’s like the terrorist thing. They hide in the population, mimicking the population except for what they do. Every time the elite get to the point where they are no longer satisfied with their outrageous profits, because it isn’t enough, cause it never, ever will be enough for their Silas Marner mentality; their Shylock soul. I have seen and experienced both sides of the equation and it goes against my basic nature, to wholesale a people as an altogether collective of evil because it is not true. This is just that ‘house divided against itself’ thing. This is the primary tenet of Satanism; sow discord. Make people think something that is not true and then profit out of the confusion.
What makes it possible is that a lot of people don’t have a working game plan. They don’t have an enduring schematic. They have something that works by fits and starts while being hammered by commercials. This isn’t Duck Soup. This is Goat’s Head Soup. It results in cultures where the tasty items are sheep’s eyes. I’m not going there. It results in cultures where people actually get involved in Honey Boo Boo. The Cosmos is not amused.
There are a lot of ways that you can see the thing and how you see it depends on what you value. At the center of your existence is the perspective you have based on what you value and do not value. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. I will not go down those tubes. That is not my Samarkand/Xanadu and I do suspect that this particular mindframe, most definitely, goes down “caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea” in every sense of the word. ♫There’s a fog upon LA and my friends have lost their way. They’ll be over soon they said now they’ve lost themselves instead. Please don’t be long. Please don’t you be very long, or I may be asleep♫
Jimmy Savile, is there some connection to Savile Row? Where is Eldridge Cleaver when we need him? I don’t know how it looks to you but my thing is all about keeping my eye on the ball. Yes, I am getting all metaphorical on your ass, unlike what Jimmy might do.
In order to understand the world, you need to understand which world you are living in in the first place. It would also help for you to be aware of why you, just so happened, to show up here, along with an really impressive numerical collection of billions of others. Might that not mean something? Might that not be of some relative importance; the fact that so many people all made it a point to show up here at this time? I’m not a math science major. I do the idiot savant thing. I operate intuitively. Prevailing trends are for deductive. I am inductive. I’m not saying one is better than the other, or that you can’t employ both on occasion. I’m just talking about how my transmission operates. It appears to be a singular thing. The image would be of schools of fish going one way and, here and there, one fish or another going in the opposite direction. Well, there are many schools of thought and the mind is an ocean and thoughts are fishes and well, maybe you get the picture. It is important to get the picture because… that is how the subconscious operates most effectively and… and effective subconscious is The Bomb; probably why I spent all that time around Tarot cards. It’s probably why it got said in Alice in Wonderland that, “You are nothing but a pack of cards”. Our personalities are fronts, as well as stages in a process. That’s where reincarnation comes in. Are you looping or are you a spiral, like a closed fist seen from the side?
Some of you have read the alchemists and you are familiar with green dragons and red lions and maybe all kinds of solve et coagulae. Some of you know about the dimensions, stages and stations, up and down and all around the town. You’re looking for that magic elixir and that is a funny and trendentious thing. Everybody wants to be in the upper room. I want to be able to put a candle in the window and abondonza after effects.
Things are not what they were but a new world is emergent. You snooze, you lose. That is an important thing. Don’t let opportunity pass you by and I say that with all the implications of opportunity, all the meanings and possibilities of the word. Dumbstruck with wonder? Sure. The thing about imagination is that it has no limits. It is intention that determines the outcome and then some.
End Transmission…….

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