Hitler Tested Nuclear Bombs

Henry Makow Ph.D. – henrymakow.com Oct 15, 2012

Did you know that the Nazis tested three nuclear bombs in 1944 and 1945? 
I didn’t either and I consider myself reasonably well informed. The information is out there but few people are aware of it.
This, and the fact that details of the Nazi nuclear effort are still kept secret, makes me suspicious.
They don’t want anyone to ask this question: 
“If the Nazis had this game-changing technology, why didn’t they perfect and use it?” 
Why not?
Because the answer potentially leads to the ugly secret” of World War Two: 
Hitler was an Illuminati agent. His mission was to lead Germany to annihilation.
(Admittedly, they were small “dirty” bombs, combining conventional & nuclear explosives, but they had blinding light and one killed 500 Russian POWs used as guinea pigs. 126,000 barrels of wartime nuclear waste were recently found in a German salt mine.) 
The question remains. Did Hitler delay or sabotage the development of nuclear weaponry until it was too late? I have not found the “smoking gun” but there are precedents with other war-winning technology.


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