U2’s Bono Awarded Honorary Knighthood

U2 frontman Bono, real name Paul Hewson, has been awarded an honorary knighthood, in recognition of his work as a campaigner for charity. Or, so we are informed.

British Ambassador David Reddaway will present the honour to Bono at a ceremony in his home city of Dublin early in the new year having received the Irish government’s approval to grant the award.

As the British embassy in Dublin announced the award on Saturday, Tony Blair wrote to congratulate the 46-year-old, describing him as an “inspiration”and praising the work that Bono had done to organise the series of Live 8 concerts.

In his letter, the British Prime Minister said Bono had played an invaluable role in the run-up to last year’s G8 summit.

The award is the same as that given to fellow Live 8 figurehead Bob Geldof in 1986. Similar awards have been bestowed on former New York Mayor Rudolf
, Steven Spielberg and Nazi hunter Simon Weisenthal.

As even the most cursory investigation will reveal, there is more to the above named figures than is apparent.

So what is Bono’s real claim to fame?

Under the guise of an “anti-establishment” rock star, he is helping to encumber millions more under the weight of debt while disengenuosly helping to conceal the real cause of their economic burden. Which is an international banking system that creates wealth out of nothing at all, simply by adding a few zeros to a balance sheet or computer records, which it then lends out in the form of ‘credit’ to impoverished nations.

In payment of the debt, created out of nothing at all, is then settled with some sort of real, hard currency; be it in the form of natural resources, mineral mining rights or the fruits of human labour.

No matter how the debt is repaid it’s a scam, a con, in plain language it’s a fraud. All that Bono does with his cultivated image of “rebellion” and “good deeds” is distract attention from the real cause of the plunder.

Maybe that was the real reason he was awarded a Knighthood? Not for his dubious works for charity but for his services to the Crown. If so he’s in fitting company along with Gedolf, Giuliani, George Bush Snr. (awarded the Order of the Garter) and Simon Wiesenthal.

Despite the pretense of his being a “rebel”, Bono is an establishment gofer.

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