The Queer Connection: Freemasonry & “Gay Rights”

by Fraser Crain – ( Oct 14, 2012

Why are Federal and local governments so interested in mainstreaming homosexuality now?    There seems to be a link between promotion of homosexuality and satanism, of the Freemason variety. 
For example, exactly a year ago football players walked out of a school musical which depicted a football player being seduced by a male.
Articles like this praise the gays and harshly rebuke the majority of students that take offense at the flaunting of queer sex by school officials  on the public dime.
The school principal said of the football team walkout, “it was a symbolic kind of thing” as if it were a political act, rather than healthy revulsion.  
Not everyone’s into deviant vouyeurism.  Maybe this principal can’t comprehend why teenagers don’t want to be made to watch boys lip-lock sexually.
But before reading any more,  let’s take a look at this masterpiece that these teenagers were subjected to watch as a captive audience at school, and decide for yourself.  
In the scene, a queer kid sings about his crush on the school quarterback, who he then confronts alone in the school locker room. He seduced the ‘straight’  football jock, who confides that’s he’s also turned on. (You can fast forward to 3 minutes if you don’t want to waste a lot of time looking at this.)
Now if you’ve watched that you may agree that maybe students walked out because it’s a lousy musical and it sucks. On the other the Hartford High principal says, “We have to teach students how to respect and honour each other. They need to learn about the diversity of the world and respecting the rights of all people.”
Give us a break.  I mean, c’mon – it’s a musical for crying out loud.  There’s nothing more asinine than a community theater musical production with a “message”.  The media says the play is part of an anti-bullying campaign, but there’s nothing like that in the actual play. 

“ANTI-GAY BULLYING”.   What is it?

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