Eaten by Ouroboros and Buggered by Cthulhu in a Wal-Mart Wonderland

Smoking Mirrors – Oct 14, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well, it’s official, Bruce Springsteen has gone over to the other side. His brain now has the consistency of a Ding Dong or some kind of Sarah Lee composition. There’s no predicting anything anymore. I guess I won’t be singing “Thunder Road” again any time soon. How does anyone with a lick of intelligence support a psychopath like Obama? How can anyone not know that the government of The United States of America is corrupt on both sides of the surfboard and neck deep in 9/11, under the Satanic guidance system of their Israeli, hobnailed bootmasters? Bruce you have seriously disappointed me (and the reader can spare me any bullshit justification raps on this score). You’re headed to Bono Country and that is not a good place. Maybe he and The Edge can cut you in on some of their pricey LA real estate ventures, then you can all head down to Little Georgie Bush’s house, for a little commando, James Gannon, S&M party hearty fest; pink tutu’s on a skateboard all around. You go girls! Mr. Visible’s heart is broken. Nah, I’m past that with celebrities and some of them still have class; some of them. I’m hoping I still retain some measure of it when I become the celebrity that The Man on the Beach told me I was; “You’re a celebrity here, you know”?
The 60’s snuck up on the (dumb ass) intelligence community. It didn’t take them long though, to flood the streets with speed and heroin. Hate Asbury in ’69 (pun intended) did not resemble Haight Asbury ’67. The Satanist, Process Church of the Last Judgment, segued Charlie Manson, into the poster boy to replace Meher Baba from “Don’t worry, be happy”, to “Don’t worry, kill and dismember”. Mr Visible had the dubious honor of getting into an altercation with The Charlester in ’67. They engineered Altamont (don’t take the brown acid) and then fabricated Disco and the next thing you knew, John Revolta was doing his gay, Scientology thing, to the tune of some sold out Beegees. Major Michael Aquino was working the West Coast version of Tavistock, while the CIA was saturating the LA ghetto with heroin. They had a bit of a setback, a decade or so ago, with that ruthless Taliban …but now they’re back firing on all cylinders, since Israel did 9/11, in order to get rid of some failing real estate, courtesy of Snake Silverfish, who lives in the cosmic drain system and is a member of The Centipede Family. They not only got to blame their act of treason on Muslims, which they’ve been killing in the millions but the opium mart is now going full blast, 24/7. Huzzah! ♫Oh say can you see by the dawn’s putrid light, what so proudly we bent over, for the twilight’s last demeaning, whose broad strifes and six pointed stars, through the alcoholic night, gave proof that our shame and bare asses were still shining, waving, whatever♫
You can read Dave McGowan if you want to. You can read all kinds of things. You can see all kinds of things, given that The Hallucination Machine is running at full power. Bruce is wailing about being ♫Bored in the USA, richer than you, in the USA. I live in Beverly Hills in the USA♫ And that’s how we get  charming things like this. Please, please! Squeeze the Charmin! Tighten up those cheeks, we don’t want any leaks. You hiding a whistle blower in there? My suggestion is you bleach that thing for when The Chippendales go Full Monty, giving you that ‘bend over barracuda’ effect. Yes, we got a backdoor American dream that needs to see a dentist.
Am I overstating the case? You can’t understate it. We got third degree burns on the heart chakra and the Ajna Chakra has got Herpes of the Mind. Any doubts that The Apocalypse is on the doorstep, with his homeboy Armageddon should be dispelled. They seem to want it that way. The Snake Family Robinson wants it that way and The Potato Head (extended) Family wants it that way. It’s lard sandwiches on Wonder Bread all around. “It builds strong bodies 12 different ways”. Here comes the Army of Gut Sluts. “Are you trying to smuggle a bowling ball out of the alley, Sir”. “No honestly, I’m doing my ‘Alice Cooper, late night in the veggie department of the Maui Foodland impersonation’ and it’s really a watermelon. ♫Stop me, if you’ve heard this one, I feel like we have met before♫ Yes, our celebrities are really taking the lid off of their capacity to be official spokes personnel for Numbnuts Central and the general public wants you to know that they can wine and dine with the best of us, imitating a high traffic B52 landing strip. It won’t be long before they’re eating glueboards, with antipasto inlays.
The most difficult act for me, or any objective-thinking abled person, is working up enough honest emotion, to care one wit what happens to any of these people. It’s a straining condition, attended by cosmic ennui and weltschmerz. One wants to just go far, far away, ♫I’m the eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind♫; what there is of it. To say that I am disappointed in the human race just doesn’t cut it but… I know I am not seeing the mass movement in the underground, in the shrubbery. “We want a shrubbery”! I need to remember that the Crass Media, presents a unified ass of, ‘in your face’ collective deception and the assorted Tribe Members, jack in the boxing, all over the place, echoing the upchuck, of a reverse engineered spastic colon. I’m a big fan of phrenology and people’s skulls and faces tell the tale. Of course, ‘the black ages industry’ of the medical profession have no use for legitimate modalities. I like to call them The Cancer Battalion and the Vaccine Vampires; these whores for the pharmaceutical industry, these pill pushing degenerates, with their fancy degrees, who don’t know shit from Shinola and fastidiously clean their plates regardless of what’s on it. They’re the fidelitous footsoldiers of The Hypocritic Oath.
This is the world of U2 but Me first. “They never hunger, never thirst …but eat and drink until they burst. There are other brigands but these are the worst, of all the highway’s harms (thank you Lao Tzu)”. This is the world of the Bill Mahers and their insidious snares. This is the world of ‘suck me fuck me, until I forget me’. This is the world of sinking into the mire, until we expire; swallowed by quicksand and eaten by Ouroboros, buggered by Cthulhu and left unrecognizable in an alley, like The Truth, beaten, bloody and alone. This is the world of never was, in The Time of Never Shall be. This is the Hornet Empire and The Scorpion Kingdom, burned to a husk by febrile desires, stinging ourselves to death, with frogs riding on our backs; those that aren’t in the slow heating cook-pot. This is the world where they seek to drop down on all fours in the space of a single generation. This is the world that has refined “Don’t give a fuck” into low art. This is the world whose epitaph, is written on the toilet stall walls, with an attending phone number; “call anytime”. This is the world of empty promises and bankrupt bacchanals, humping the empty air, where the invisible demons, posture and drink; have an open air picnic on the wasted body fluids of this generation of vipers. This is the iPod isolation tank that shuts out the world around it because Fear is their master. This is the world of look but don’t touch, until the necessary perversions are in place, via the weakest link in the chain. That’s how The Catholic Church got into their smorgasbord of pedophilia. We know who sits on the throne of Rome, don’t we?
Well, I’m preaching to The Choir, aren’t I. Can I have an C? Alright then, all together, ♫Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream♫ You know how it is and you definitely know how it is not. As for the rest of them, well, ♫I got schemes, schemes to remember♫ and of course, America continues to show that firm commitment to the needs of others, under our sterling value system. This is the degree to which the lunacy extends. This is where our compromised systems and courts have taken us. Call attention to things like this and be branded behind the times and intolerant. If you’ve got 15 minutes, you can peruse all of the permutations of things like this; once again, something to get you branded behind the times and intolerant. Who’s behind all this? These people are. That doesn’t sound weird does it? This sounds like normal behavior, since normal has left the building and is sleeping with Elvis and Luca Brazi. I don’t like being behind the times and intolerant. Must be I’m missing something in this big tattoo and piercing parlor of our Wal-Mart Wonderland. ♫I hear the nose-rings jingling, my spidey sense is tingling, I lost my mind in metal shop, so I became a cop♫ Have you tasered a kindergarten student today or beaten a paraplegic with a nightstick? Then you may well have what it takes to join your local police department. Just be sure to list the torture of small pets, the childhood arson and bed wetting on the job application.
Welcome to epidemic WTF. Welcome to SNAFU Junction. Welcome and enter and sign in please. The Wind in the Willows is now a Komodo Dragon fart, after dinner and drinks, up all night in Juarez. The nursery rhymes are now a collaboration by The Brother’s Grimm and Stephen King. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams has made a right turn into Nightmare Alley, presently blocked by Kirstie Alley playing a Peterbilt in “Duel” I’m not sure if any of this was supposed to be funny but, that’s all I got. That’s all I got.
Radio show should be up in the not too distant future. 


Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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