Into and Beyond the Infernal Reaches of Frankfart

Visible Origami – Oct 13, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
I have just returned from a 2 day excursion, into the infernal regions; one of it’s locations that I call Frankfart, a German city of resemblance to Chicago, which included a visit to the consulate. Visible’s ability to keep on keeping on, in the face of whatever adversity is thrown in his face, continues to amaze him. Well, he certainly amazed himself this time. He didn’t know he had it in him. Despite the absurd, over the top spectacle, of government in inaction, The Vis managed to come away with his old documents in his hand (just usually doesn’t happen) and the promise of his new ones for pickup (yes, another trip into Frankfart) in time for his upcoming trip, into one of the hearts of darkness, where the Black Nobility resides. He’s working on getting there a little early, so that he might see some old friends, heretofore not yet met. You’ll be posted on that; got to see Old Boy, if possible and get the rerecording of all the music, as it should have been done in the first place; professional studio-wise with professional people. This may necessitate residing there for a month or so at some point; plenty of time to see everyone.
I am astonished at Visible’s ability to finesse the situation and details of the difficulties of Frankfart and to come away with a trifecta of results. Any doubts I may have ever had about The Divine’s capacity to work on my behalf have been dispelled. I slept not at all the night I was there, before the action took place. How was I able to come away with my official papers and have them when I needed them and then be able to go back and get the new ones when I need them, is supernatural. It just doesn’t happen. I was told it couldn’t happen and then it did happen. I feel like I could walk through walls at this time. There are no walls. There are only mental barriers and these are walls of doubt and uncertainty, made solid by the movement of time, in opposition to the dissolution properties of faith. It’s all science in reality. Though it may be metaphysical in its processes, it is no less real for that.
I’ve met some surprising people in recent times. Some of them seem like angelic agencies. I’ve met St. Michael, who seems capable of anything. I’ve met The Pope, who may well be the real pope in the seclusion of disguise and exile. I’ve met Scott, who has to be one of the most talented musicians and singers on the planet. I am bound to meet more. I am going to the land of myths and legends shortly, where wolves and bears, walk alongside you and where easy travel to other planets is a guaranteed certainty and finally to the land of the ancients, to walk in the footsteps of the missing years, where those who have held the traditions fast, in the mountains of mist, reside. There is the pathway, imprinted with the footprints that lead to the gates of Shambala, which is more real than this, which is not real but which our belief in, renders that as a greater and more permanent reality, unseen amidst the illusion of what we have taken to be real. I recognize now that adversity is a necessity, in order that we might gain the capacity to move beyond it. If you lack the strength and determination to go through it, you cannot pass beyond it.
All these systems and figures of authority that we have set in positions of rule over ourselves, do not exist, except as paper tigers. We have given them teeth and claws, made of paper and rendered into bone, by the deceptions of imagination. When the truth is known, the fire of awareness does to paper what awareness does to everything real and unreal, according to its composition. Awareness is the key and awareness, is the substance of realization. You want something? Truly imagine it. The powers of imagination, are beyond anything we presently accept as possible. We are limited or set free by what we consider possible and impossible. What we tell ourselves on the surface are one thing but what we actually believe is another. This is the difference between superficial and visceral. It takes a lot of personal pounding, to make the visceral imprint. You have to want it. You have to want it a great deal. You have to want it more than the wrongly imprinted parts of yourself don’t want it. The world programs us one way and we have to put ourselves in the hands of the ultimate programmer, because we have been in the hands of the bad programmer and that is why we have the world we have and the view of it that we have but that is not the real world, that is the world of false impressions.
It’s all becoming very clear to me, in ways I did not suspect, by means and manners that I did not suspect. I understand the power and significance of suffering now and it’s a beautiful thing. Suffering has value now, although it has negative value, in many instances, unless the outcome is positive. The outcome can and does go in two directions, according to our dispositions. We make it all happen and not happen. We are the architects, who accept the principles of the drawing board. We are the one’s who read the schematic, correctly or incorrectly, according to the advice we accept, from the sources we get it from.
Bad advice is easy to get, good advice is difficult to find and in order to get good advice, your values and principles have to be correct, in this world that puts you in the mass or on a solitary road. Most people don’t want the solitary road, because it seems solitary but it is not. It is only solitary in the testing period. If you are not equal to the testing period, then you are bumped back, on to the large highway. Then you have to decide whether or not to take the future exit that appears, periodically along the route. Do we have the stones to take the future exit, until the future by design, becomes the desirable present. It can be achieved. It has been achieved, we have seen the footprints of those who have walked it. We have read their words and their stories. We have done this and believed them and not believed them. We have not believed them, because they are not presently real for us and that is the proof of it. That it the proof of it. The proof is in the putting and that is what puts the proof in the pudding. Is it the high pudding, that ambrosia of the gods, or is it the bad blood, pudding of the monster world, where the monsters are disguised as you and I? Are we fed on the crumbs that drop from the tables of the monsters of this world, or are we fed on the crumbs that drop from the tables of the Gods?
Who are we and what are we? That is the question. Do we know the world or do we know ourselves? We cannot know the world, until we know ourselves. That is the only way it works, because the real world is within us and the false world is outside of us. The world outside of us is the world of appearances, made real by the deceptions of the eyes. We either see the world as the world tells us it is, or we see the world as the internal witness tells us it is. This is the difference between presence in The Garden, in the bower of The Lady and presence in the garden of good and evil. There is no good and evil …but only thinking makes it so. Not thinking makes the world present itself as it truly is. Thinking makes it what everyone else believes it to be and we become like everyone else. We comprehend the language of confusion, instead of the language of clarity. Get off the wheel of fire and get with the program. Either the fire burns you, with your incomprehension, or the fire burns away the dross and the gold appears, radiant before the new eyes of new and true perception. The same thing that imprisons you, will free you. How it works is how it works and how it doesn’t work, is how it doesn’t work. We’re on the road to nowhere, or we are on the road to somewhere. It’s what it is, or it is what it is not. It can’t be what it’s not because that isn’t possible. That puts you in the land of wraiths and hungry ghosts.
There is another city buried within and and beyond the city of Frankfart. The vapor trails of the Frankenstein Fart, intoxicate us and we are spellbound in noxious confinement. Poisonous scents hold us in the realm of bad perfumes. We smell wrong and that makes smelling out the truth impossible, until we can inhale the scent within the scents. Once the truth appears, the lies disappear. One displaces the other and the other cannot exist where the truth resides.
This can go on for a million years, or it can end today. “Success is speedy for the energetic”. We exist in a world of endless loops. These loops don’t lead anywhere. This is why they are called loops, because they return back upon themselves. We have to get off the loop and that is what the future exits are for. Do we see the future exits? We see them only if we can see the future, the real future of possibility and not the false future of the world, the devil …and the deep blue sea. The deep blue sea is not called the ‘deep’ blue sea for no reason. Must we continue to float among the flotsam and jetsam, or do we swim with the mysteries solved, in the deeps, where the ancient wait, for those with the curiosity and confidence necessary, to command revelation in accordance with the effort and faith, placed in the action. These things are not for the timid or uncommitted. Half measures avail nothing but mixed results.
Ah yes, we have come to the end of another transmission and we will see you in the next one, if there is one. That one should prove informative and amusing by equal turns. Some people are getting very creative, in relation to what was said earlier on about The Divine having a sense of humor and getting ingeniously, creatively amusing, about the jokers and fools who have played for so long, in the seasons of our discontent and been responsible for it too, with our willing acquisition, because of our small greeds, in resonance with their larger greeds, in respect of our weaknesses, in resonance with their greater darkness. The time is at hand and it’s carpe diem all round, unless it’s not. We’ll see.
End Transmission…….

Radio show coming sometime soon this weekend.

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