Satan’s Secret War on Humanity

By Samuel Butler – (

Satanism is the oldest religion on this planet. War has been declared on us all. Any religion not theirs, is to be destroyed.
You’d figure Satan gave the keys of his Kingdom to someone since Christ refused it.  Who did the keys to Satan’s kingdom go to? Simple, those that serve him best. I can call myself an elephant all day long but does it mean I am? 
So no matter what religion they hide behind whether it’s Jew, Christian, Muslim, whatever religion or lack of, if they all learn from and live by a Satanic Bible, Talmud or other Satanic books, the people are evil. It’s really simple. Call these people whatever they like but if they walk like a duck …
Through the Talmud, these people run the world. This book is a book of Satanism. It’s what ALL world leaders learn from. Anyone that is so blind to not see the Talmud is as far from the five books of Moses and God is in really big trouble.
But these people are cowards; they do not openly admit their war on us. Satanists (Temple of Set, OTO, Golden Dawn, 33rd degree or higher Freemasons, Jesuits, Talmudic Jews, many others who all serve the same god Lucifer) do not care whom you worship.
There is no empathy to be shown here from them. With teachings from an insane pedophile named Aleister Crowley who called himself “The Beast 666″ (should have been “Syphilis itch, itch, itch”) and taught “Do as thou wilt, so shall be the whole of the law.” (You will hear this in many songs and all teachings of higher Freemasonry.) Also they learn inspiring teachings from (ex “carney” worker) Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan that “man is an animal so do what you want.” Do you think these people can think normally?
So are we to sit back and become victims? Of course not. We are supposed to keep this place (Earth) holy until God returns. We’re not supposed to be cowards and “turn the other cheek” (taken out of proper context) all as these un Godly leaders tell you. We have a right to exist and any Christian cult that says otherwise is lying!


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