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T Stokes – Oct 10, 2012

The exorcist community has always been very small and tightly knit, and their methods can vary. The Rev. Christopher Neil-Smith, was the Church of England’s top man who successfully performed many exorcisms on people coming from all over the world, while the Roman Catholic chief exorcist Dom. Robert Petit-Pierre, was a quiet studious man and very different from the extrovert Rev. Christopher Neil-Smith.
It was Dom Robert who exorcised the Astor mansion where the lovely Christine Keeler and friends entertained the rich and famous at the sex and black magic parties. He told me afterwards that these were the most sinister spirits he had ever encountered, and it was a harrowing ordeal to send them back to their own dimension. Dom. Robert felt that the entities he encountered at the Astor mansion were the same spirits later summoned to appear at the Bilderberg meetings. 
Dom Robert was even secretly invited to perform an exorcism at the Kremlin at the end of the Cold War, and he claimed that a heavy, morose and brooding atmosphere hung over the building where orders were given to murder millions of Christians. Many souls had to be released from the thrall of the material realm before a lighter atmosphere was introduced and his explanation was as precise a definition as you can get: heavy, morose and brooding sums up the toxic atmosphere of buildings infested with spirits from the lower realms.
The governor of a London Prison told me some time back that a serial murderer had requested an exorcism. As Dom Robert entered the prison in ordinary clothes, the murderer could not have known who he was but began screaming abuse at Dom Robert in a hideous voice as soon as he saw him.
The man was tormented by the demons inside him, and Dom Robert came away from the exorcism sweating and shaking profusely.
However not all exorcisms are scary. Some 40 years ago a call came through to a local spiritual centre in Essex, that a house had been had been the site of some strange supernatural phenomena that were causing its 2 elderly occupants some distress.
The phone call came through and I was informed this was a “ Code 5 alert”. These come up rarely and are rated as the very highest category in spirit infestation.
On inquiring for further details I was told:
(1) Food would go missing in the night,
(2) Things would be moved about inexplicably.
(3) Dark shapes would be glimpsed quickly that disappeared.
(4) Footsteps could be heard walking round the ceiling for much of the night.
(5) The old couple swore that they heard muffled unintelligible spirit voices.
(6) Sounds could be heard that resembled someone was choking to death.
Now the average haunting had just 2 or 3 of these phenomena, but this had 6. So I went as soon as I could, it was a long trip and I was anxious to uncover what was behind this.
Most callouts tend to be non psychical in origin, but this rung the bells in six categories.
As it turned out the victims, an old Scottish couple whose ancestors had been in dispute with another Scottish clan, believed the haunting was connected to the clan dispute that went back 300 years. As the old Scotsman spoke excitedly about the dispute he jumped up and took an old sword from above the fireplace shouting; “if it be anything but ghosts I would slay them with ma claymore as we did before ye ken”.
This old chap was at his wits end, and as my assistant and I set about a close examination for spirit contact, we drew a blank. We could find no signs of a malicious haunting.
It was actually a relief to me as I was anxious that a long drawn out battle with a whole nest of spirits might have ensued; such spiritual struggles can be very draining and leave one utterly exhausted
Inquiries if they were on any medication, something perhaps that would cause hallucinations, drew a blank. The old couple seemed pretty well balanced and displayed no signs of dementia, nocturnal cerebral anoxia or night-time oxygen starvation, which in the elderly that can bring on realistic nightmares.
So we decided to spend a few hours quietly in the bedroom, where most of the footsteps had been heard, and after a time we also heard muffled footsteps from above.
The spiritual centre was then contacted and top medium Doris Collins and her husband came for what is known technically as the “Pernoctation”, that is a night watch.
We went to get some sleep, relieved that an experienced medium was staying over night at the Scottish couples troubled home.
The weekend intervened and then I had a brief, but stern call to come by the spiritualist centre. I thought I had seen it all, and wondered what had happened in the night but what I heard had me stumped!
It turned out after an examination of the loft to investigate the footfalls, the real cause of the phenomenon was found.
A bunch of illegal immigrants had broken through the attics from an empty house two door down and were creeping out at nights to steal food from the Scottish couple’s kitchen and from the other adjoining houses. The police were called and no less than ten people were found to be living in the loft above, all of them illegal immigrants. 
The reported choking sound was a muffled tubercular cough! While one migrant had taken a liking to wearing the old Scotsman’s best suit!
“Haunted by Refugees” was the headline on the monthly spirit newsletter but as comical as it was, the whole episode underlines the fact that most ghostly phenomenon can be explained in very earthly terms.

T.Stokes London