The Voice of the White House December 18, 2006

”In the Monkey Palace, there is little new to report. A mid-level Bush staffer quit last week and we had a lunch for him at the Hay Adams hotel. He was moaning that Bush was a stone nut and was getting very dangerous, what with his determination to “crush the filthy Arabs” for once and for all. We all know that to all intents and purposes, the U.S. has lost in Iraq but no one dares to even hint at this and Bush will end his career on the instant. Someone here gave me a file on Hilary Clinton that is highly inflammatory. I made a few calls to newspaper friends, one in San Francisco, and pretty much verified a good part of it. This covers certain incidents concerning the Black Panthers that is sure to make the Obama people happy. Probably publish this next week after I have more details. Going away for the holidays and a Happy Christmas to one and all and George, leave the cat alone. It doesn’t like it when you do that.”

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