Dare to care – Why I don’t believe in the Holocaust

Last week, a regular ZioPedia contributor asked me in an email where I stand on the topic of the Holocaust. My immediate answer back to him was, on the side of freedom of speech and research. I’m neither a historian nor a forensic scientist. And like most people, I don’t have the time to follow up on all the footnotes and sources used on either side of the Holocaust debate. That means, just taking the various arguments at face value, it’s not easy to say who is telling the truth.

What I know though is that our governments have repeatedly lied to us, to an extent that I have come to believe that our politicians lie whenever they open their mouths. And I believe that there is nobody who has been using lies and deception more systematically and intensively than the Zionists as a means of pursuing their criminal goals.

The mainstream media are working very hard to make us believe that Holocaust revisionists had all sorts of evil motives. But frankly, I couldn’t care less whether they are saints or have an axe to grind. Maybe their anger is not just caused by their findings. Maybe it isn’t just caused by the treatment they received for publishing them. All I care about is their right to research and publish whatever they damn please. And the more our professionally lieing politicians and lobbyists are trying to prevent revisionists from doing so, the more inclined I am to believe them.

Whenever our rulers put in a big propaganda effort to push a particular belief and create laws and powerful taboos to prevent dissidents from contradicting them, it is fairly obvious who is telling the truth and who isn’t. In the Middle-Ages astronomers were tortured and burnt to death for saying that the earth wasn’t flat. Why? Because the Catholic Church couldn’t prove that their reasoning was wrong. These days, people have their careers ruined and get imprisonned for saying that there were no gas chambers and that there were no six millions Jews killed by the Nazis. Only someone who is afraid of the truth would resort to such oppressive measures.

Not unlike the 9/11 truth debate, the Holocaust is more about believing than knowing. Do I believe that our governments and the media would lie to the public in such an outrageous manner, yes or no? There are hundreds and thousands of books and sites that provide anyone interested with a wealth of information on the matter and most of the arguments of those who are saying that the Holocaust and 9/11 were a hoax make a lot of sense.

So why don’t more people have a closer look? Why don’t they care whether they are lied to by their governments in such an important matter? In my opinion, most people are so busy paying off their mortgages and so afraid of loosing their jobs that they don’t dare to care. They are too busy getting ahead or not being left behind in their careers, too afraid of isolating themselves socially and professionally. They don’t want to be seen to rock the boat. They know subconsciously that this is all a big, fake illusion we are living in, but they are too afraid of the unknown to do anything about it.

This kind of attitude is obviously very selfish. What kind of a world would we leave to future generations if all we cared about was acquiring personal wealth and showing off the latest and most impressive status symbols. There is so much more to a dignified life than money can buy.


Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blogs The Rebel Media Group and ZioPedia. Andrew can be contacted under editor@ziopedia.org . You can find his articles Limiting the Fallout from the Tehran Holocaust Conference, My Jewish Problem, Antisemitism is a good thing, About flat-earthers and revisionists, Human spirit is not for sale (and can’t be shot), Treating cancer with painkillers, A Thankyou to all Starbucks customers, For Evil to Prevail, The bigger picture and The Last Taboo on his site.

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