Hell’s Cuisinart and the Devil’s Chosen children

Smoking Mirrors – Oct 9, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
First, a belated apology for being very plain spoken lately. My personality and presentation are solely dictated by the nature of the forces acting on me internally. It changes and evolves according to what ‘seems’ to be necessary. I struggle every day to be a better person but… as most readers can tell you, nothing is harder than when you are trying to change. When you are not trying to change, there’s no problem and that is why most people go with the flow of a locked in persona, seeking its Peter Principle.
Mr. Apocalypse possesses a sense of humor and this is an important thing to remember. I was told that Mr. Apocalypse was going to shake things up in a very funny way on occasion. There is an old saying, “Laugh at the devil and he will disappear”. The devil can’t stand ridicule. Well, one of my presumptions about things coming, is that Mr. Apocalypse is going to make known personalities, sick of their tawdry and superficial acts. Some of you may be fans of these twits and, in that case, I suggest you go to Twitter and let the world know about your appreciation of meat dresses and floor mop hair. That’s fine if you’re the Beatles, because talent and meaning are involved. I’m talking about ‘too cute for school’. In any case TPTW, manufacture the entertainment, somewhere in an underground laboratory, in a Tavistock Disney-world, just as they did when they brought out those Mouseketeers, Britany Spears, Christine Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. On the other side of the pond, a tad earlier, they bookended these horrific, aspartame Frankensteins with The Spice Girls. This is what they wanted for a certain segment of the white audience. The other manufactured tastes were being handled by Rap, which stretched across the color board and worked as an ongoing asset for the private prison industry, as well as for cultural breakdown and the promotion of a police state.
These modalities can be clearly seen, if one can clearly see. The result of the efforts of the reptile elite in respect of the crumbling infrastructure, both real and cultural,  can easily be seen. More and more, bizarre events are becoming commonplace. This is related to Mr. Apocalypse’s sense of humor, although not everyone will find these things funny. Somebody actually died of a heart attack during this event.
The most powerful and prevailing problem in the American consciousness, is ‘cognitive disconnect’. I am continuously amazed; stunned by the inability of so many people, unable to see what is going on around them, unable to connect the dots, concerning the pernicious influence of Israel and their stone cold culpability, for having engineered the 9/11 attacks. I’m dismayed by the collective sidestepping of this issue on the part of the majority of the alternative press. It is shameful and embarrassing and you know who you are. Some of you are reading these words. If you don’t have the courage to speak the truth, to speak truth to power, then you also lack the protections necessary to be able to do it and you lack the security of being protected, against the ever, on going shitstorm, being whipped up in Hell’s Blender by The Devil’s Chosen Children. I used to hold you in contempt but now I feel nothing but pity, tinged with disgust.
In the NFL lately, every player is wearing a cute little pink ribbon and all manner of pink accessories. The coaches, owners and fans are all wearing cute little pink ribbons having to do with that money mill, posing as a charity for breast cancer. The real breast cancer is taking place in the central organ at that location. Cancer is easily treated by any number of natural means that have been demonstrated in recent times. The breast cancer vampires want nothing to do with actual cures. They have a multimillion dollar industry going on. Actual cures are definitely NOT on the menu. Cancers are created by multinational corporations, who ALSO own the medical industry and all of the affiliates that feed off of this lucrative phenomenon.
Psychopathic suits, congregate in private rooms and brainstorm how to turn a larger profit from anything, anything that can generate a profit. These are bottom line, don’t give a fuck, monsters. They sit around and reasonably and rationally discuss terrible, anti life possibilities that support their agenda. Word comes down from the dung that also rises; “Here’s our concern, find some way to make this happen. Don’t worry about the legal end, we own that sector”. None of this would be possible, if those in the middle and on the bottom, weren’t solely focused on getting their own end covered in the process. These policies are guaranteed death but those dying can’t make the connection, due to the cognitive disconnect. They are directly engaged in their own destruction. They might as well just shoot themselves in the head. It would be quicker and less painful. They are killing their families and their friends, in this collective conspiracy of ignorance, topped with stupidity, like a cherry on some dreadful sundae.
When you point out to them the very real and irrefutable truth of this, they react with all the denial necessary for them to continue on the wide highway to destruction. They call you names. They marginalize and maroon you in the wilderness, as you seek to help them and then run for the poisonous teat of their principal abusers. They scream out for a more restrictive confinement and a deeper darkness. For some reason they feel secure there. It’s like some kind of hidey hole for a small woodland creature. When you’ve got the brain of a chipmunk, you might as well have the living environment that goes with it. As I’ve already said, I’m amazed; stunned, flat out amazed, at the moronic and transparent ways that people set about deceiving themselves and… they don’t care. They don’t look at the detailed picture of 9/11 and how truly absurd the official story is. They don’t care how many times Bin Laden gets killed. They just sit there like the Nimrods and Nodwells that they are, transfixed by the banal words of their glorious leaders. They snort and laugh, when you tell them that their glorious leaders are base traitors, who are wholly owned, by the nastiest collection of savages on the Earth. They are indifferent to the obvious voter fraud. After all, it’s 50-50 that it might help their guy. Tens of millions of people voted for George W. Bush. Now, college educated folks, many of them temporarily prosperous, are going to vote for Mitt Romney. Others will vote for Bwak! Obama. Some of these people are certainly in a position to see what is going on. Why do they not see it? Self interest is a part of that and lacking a moral compass is the other part. They think themselves moral, except when some exception becomes necessary and desirable and then they have access to a vast reservoir of justifications. When you are not honest with yourself, you are also at the mercy of all kinds of lies and deceptions that are designed to compromise you.
There is a cloud of unknowing that enswathes the body public. They dwell in there with the pizza commercials and network TV. They got Clear Channel on the car radio. They get Zionized on Sirius network and cable by hugely successful comedians, whose purpose and intent is anything but funny.
The thing that most people don’t get, because most people don’t think about it in the first place, is that Mr. Apocalypse is exceedingly more powerful than any force that might seek to resist him. There’s no way that the gathered force, of every inimical agent of the darkness, all focused at the same time, can have any effective impact, against the irresistible changes that looms on the horizon. It’s a fool’s gambit to oppose what cannot be opposed and which is operating for your benefit in the first place. Well, stupid is as stupid does.
I don’t know how many knocks on the head it is going to take. I don’t know to what dire extremity humanity must be rendered to, for it to wake up. I do know that they will wake up, whether it is through the burning bed scenario, or something more serendipitous, should the cosmos be of a mind to extend some measure of mercy. For myself and others, we simply go on, doing what we do. We are no more likely to relent than they are.
One of the most important possessions anyone can have, is personal integrity. If you sell out for any number of pedestrian reasons then you will have a pedestrian destiny. The days march on. The Earth rotates. The seasons come and go and there are all kinds of seasons. We are in the event horizon of a most rare and peculiar season. No one knows what the outcome of that is going to be, since hardly anyone knows who they are in the first place.
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