The Devil and the Deep Blue Apocalypse

Visible Origami – Oct 8, 2012

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Welcome to Origami Country. We do not form paper into interesting shapes. We seek to shape the words into interesting forms. I have always been a between the lines guy. Long ago, I learned that that is where meaning lurks and if you adjust yourself appropriately, revelation can follow. In earlier years, I used to drop acid and then read “The Way of Life” (Witter Bynner edition) by Lao Tzu for hours, seeking to imprint the contents upon my mind. I did this quite a few times. I tried to do this with The Tarot once and it closed up on me. I went, “Ah hah, what do you know”? My reply, since I talk to myself and consider it a healthy practice, was, “Not very much”.
I’ve been looking for God for a long time (like I say to people sometimes, “I didn’t know he was lost”). Part of the reason for that, was my not understanding the things that had happened to me, from the moment I stepped out on this “sweet, swinging sphere”. Part of the reason was my fascination with all things metaphysical. Part of the reason was the things going on in my heart and another part of the reason, was that God wouldn’t have it any other way. Of special note and of extreme importance, is what Paramahansa Yogananda once said, “If you don’t look for God in the springtime of your life, he won’t be there in the winter”. I remember that putting the fear of God into me when I read it. Then I recollected that I had indeed done that and I was good to go, or continue, as the case may be. It is a wonderful thing, to come across a quote by someone you highly admire and find that it applies to you. That doesn’t happen a whole lot around here.
Lately, when in rarefied state, I have had the peculiar experience of God coming into my being, speaking, acting out, talking to me with my voice, while I am right there and thrilling me no end. It is unmistakeable who it is but… you would expect that. God doesn’t come across as all soft and gentle, neither as harsh and insistent. It’s one of those, beyond good and evil things. God has a wicked sense of humor. I don’t mean ‘wicked’ bad but rather wicked good. He’s also got this confidence and certitude thing that is way past anything I possess, or probably ever will but… God IS part of us, just as are the less savory forces, resident in those who work for the other side.
I’ve mentioned before, a certain irony concerning those who serve the infernal prince. From what I can gather, Satanists get certain promises, of particular results and states of being, should they carry out those portions of the program that are specified by His Lowness. The idea is to rise up in the ranks by vice of certain acts of horrific performance and general fealty; in other words, “I will do anything to anyone at any time, in order to get what I want”. Engaging in external destructions, corruptions and ritual abuses, effects the same internally, within the practitioner. In other words, you do things outside to bring about states inside, while preparing the ground for the practice of the presence of Satan, or one of his minions.
As with anything of this nature, either positive or negative, it comes with it’s own atmosphere. It’s as if you were in a self contained bubble. The result of this, is that you are denied other perspectives of states you have rejected, in order to reside in states you have accepted. As you move up the ranks of the infernal hierarchy, your awareness of the indwelling potency increases and this works the same in both hierarchies. So, Satan is with you every step of the way, advising, encouraging, suggesting and so forth. There is the promise of a cushy position in the realm of Hell, once one has departed from this realm; shuffled off that mortal coil and so on and so forth. They fully believe this, even though Satan is called, ‘the father of lies’. They buy into the idea of, “Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven”. The thing is, as has been stated here many times, ‘the devil works for God’. The Devil functions as instigator and District Attorney. What he really does, is gather evidence, all along the course of the existence of those who have delivered themselves into his service for personal gain. They do acquire these gains in the course of their tenure. That goes with the territory. Satanists suffer from a form of terminal myopia. Everything really does look a certain way and… for the purpose of demon-stration, it is that way, until it is not.
In the times of Mr. Apocalypse, which we happen to be resident in these days, one of the features of that period is Judgment; that quick and the dead thing. Court convenes, in mid air or somewhere and The Devil arrives, in his three piece suit, with briefcase in hand. Imagine the surprise of the defendants, when their mentor and protector turns out to be The Prosecutor. “But, but, you said…”. “Yeah, well, I lied”. Usually The Devil will laugh at this juncture, experiencing the fiendish amusement, that no doubt occurs in moments like this.
Now, it may act out in a slightly different manner than what I have presented here but I’ve got it on good authority that it, more or less, goes down this way. We need to get the awareness that it is all scripted. This is the purpose of surrender and “rely on me”. As the director, God knows exactly where the story is going. God knows all of the twists and turns and is resident in everyone in the movie, in some fashion or another. Having made the necessary surrender and having embraced the necessary reliance, you are now in a position to directly relate to the God in everyone. The suggestion by many teachers, is to converse and interact with the God in everyone you meet. You invoke or call forth the deity in others and that is who you treat with. It’s a much better situation than to be dealing with their temporary, fabricated self.
This is what one notices in those ashrams, where a bonafide master is resident. He/she, addresses the God in everyone he/she meets and greets, individually and collectively. This creates an atmosphere of harmony and unity. It is a real pleasure to be present under these circumstances. I had that distinct pleasure in Philadelphia a long time ago, when I was in the company of a living saint. The power and serenity that came off of him was remarkably palpable. He didn’t have a line on his face, even though he was over a hundred years old. He had been discovered some fifty years previously, already with white hair, sitting in a tree in Ceylon. I say, Ceylon, since it was called that then. When I used to hear him speak in the main room of the fellowship, the room would fill with light. He ate about a tablespoon of food a day and this never changed.
The problem with the whole scenario was the other followers. Everyone agreed on Guru Bawa but many people did not agree with each other. Some good number of the resident there were serious ingenues, both spiritually and life experience wise. This made them experts on what others should be and do. After Bawa passed away, Carolyn Secretary ( she was his secretary) and Dick Tambi ( I think he was called), along with a few other high mucky mucks, paved over the beautiful lawn in front of the fellowship, had parking lines painted on the asphalt and then gave themselves assigned parking places with their titles inscribed thereupon. There was some number of seriously, self important people there and that kind of thing irks me no end. Of course most of them really did not care for me. In all honesty, I can say that my behavior was a tad outrageous during that period, embroiled as I was in a questionable relationship, having recently abandoned a much finer relationship, due to my being in a certain amount of turmoil about who and what I was and what I thought I wanted to do. Here I made one of those critical decisions that affected the course of my life. I remember saying to myself, “Well, I’ve got to rock and roll”. I was the only person Bawa ever told that it was okay to do this (“Okay, you go and do it and then you come back”.) and that caused a furor because there were a lot of musicians there. It led to Bawa having to devote an entire discourse to the matter. Another time, so the tale was related to me. Bawa was sitting in his window, looking down upon the area in front of the fellowship. I happened to be standing there talking to someone and Bawa said, “What waste of such a brilliant mind (grin)”. In any case, he signed off on me later, saying to my friend, Michael Green, when he went to him about my being in jail on Maui, “He’ll be okay, he’s just chosen another path”.
I’ve never had much serendipity at ashrams and that is a pity because I can’t think of any other living situation that I covet more. That’s the motive force behind my drive for a community. I love living with other people and sharing in common goals. I love the experience of that kind of personality fusion and the terrific energy that is possible when people can put aside the separated personal and achieve ‘group consciousness’. I don’t know how it all turns out yet, maybe a virtual community is all I am going to get but, maybe that’s not so bad. There’s always that community of kindred spirits in the heavenly realm of The Impersonal Life, awaiting the possibility of residence later on.
So we come to the end of another Origami, here in Origami Land and we hope we shaped the words and thoughts into an enjoyable interlude for those who have found their way here. May the encircling light encircle and permeate you. May you find tranquility in the midst of confusion and discover the secret wellsprings of that mysterious oasis from which divine intoxication flows.
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