Diana: Fayed Accuses ‘Senior Royal’

As expected, the report by former Metropolitan Police chief Lord Stevens has concluded that the 1997 crash which killed Princess Diana, Dodi al Fayed and their driver was an “accident”.

Diana, 36, and 42-year-old Dodi were killed when their Mercedes crashed in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel on August 31 1997.

In response, Dodi’s father Mohamed al Fayed has reacted angrily; saying the couple died on the orders of a ‘senior Royal’ and MI6, he dismissed the report as ‘garbage’ and a ‘cover-up’.

‘I’m certain 100 per cent that a leading member of the Royal Family has planned that and that the whole plot was executed on his order with the help of members of MI6′, he said.

Calling Lord Stevens a ‘tool for the establishment and the Royal Family and intelligence’, he vowed to expose the truth behind his son and Princess Diana’s deaths.

Mr al Fayed said: ‘I have had threats but I believe in God and if they want to hurt me or any member of my family, the world knows that the terrorists and the gangsters have taken my son away from me.’

He added: ‘God will help me, I’m sure, and with God’s blessing I will uncover and show the whole world and this country that they have terrorists that come and execute any crime with their power in Government and high places in the Royal Family, they can cover up anything and they think that the public can be duped.’

Lord Stevens found that there was no conspiracy to murder the couple and concluded that claims Diana was pregnant when she died and was planning to marry Dodi were unfounded.

‘Prince William has confirmed to me that his mother had not given him the slightest indication of such plans for the future,’ Lord Stevens said.

Despite these public pronouncements however, earlier reports on Lord Stevens inquiry seemed to suggest that detectives had found much to indicate that Diana’s death was not a simple accident. Making it likely that some sort of pressure was brought to bear on Lord Stevens to reach the conclusion he has.

After all, just over ten months ago it was being reported that Lord Stevens inquiry was close to a “sensational conclusion”. Now, the inquiry’s published findings indicate nothing of the sort.

So as many feared, Lord Stevens inquiry into Princess Diana’s death has turned into a white wash, and far from being an unreasoned outburst, there may indeed be something in al Fayed’s accusations.

Apart from the evidence contained in former MI6 officer, Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit, which clearly indicates the involvement of British Intelligence in Diana’s “accident”, evidence gathered by independent researchers also casts serious doubt on the conclusions of Lord Stevens inquiry.

Among these are documents published by the late Sherman Skolnick, which although unconfirmed, add weight to al Fayed’s accusation that the order to kill Diana came from Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh.