Canadian “Crimes Against Humanity” Probed by EU?

by Kevin Annett – ( Oct 5, 2012

Rev. Kevin Annett, seen here protesting in front of a church, is uniting with groups from seven nations to bring criminal charges against the Roman Catholic, Anglican & United churches and accomplices for murder and sexual abuse of Indian children in residential schools.

On September 18, an official with the European Union met with me for a day in Brussels and confirmed this.

“Parliamentarians here have been reading your documentation about the death rate in Canadian Indian schools, ever since your press conference in Rome two years ago” said the man.

“Some of us are preparing a motion to have Canada investigated for crimes against humanity, along with Pope Benedict. There is plenty of evidence showing collusion, thanks to your work.”

Equally encouraging, and a sign of the crisis in the Vatican, is that while in Brussels I received a communication from a senior Cardinal in Rome describing how an anti-Ratzinger element in the Curia wishes to discuss some of the Ten Requirements our Tribunal issued to the Pope on May 4 ( Now that these kinds of divisions in the Vatican are starting to crack open, it’s clear that the tide is shifting.

Neither the churches nor governments under exposure are sitting idle, of course. The same European Union official told me that his sources in the British Home Office said that they plan to detain and imprison me if I try returning to England.

And back in Canada, the government and its puppet “Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network” (APTN) is launching a renewed smear and misinformation campaign against our work and me personally.

That latest smear, not surprisingly, is aimed at the first excavation of a mass grave site at a Canadian Indian residential school that we commenced with Mohawk elders’ permission just a year ago.

That survey and dig, at the former Mohawk Institute in Brantford, uncovered for the first time verified clothing and buttons from children’s uniforms, and other evidence indicating that children are buried there. This evidence will feature prominently in the third case in the Docket of our Court.



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