Voice of the White House December 11, 2006

“I keep harping on this theme and now the press seems to be awakening from their eight year hibernation and making growling noises. The theme? That Bush is a flat nut, in a state of serious denial, and absolutely determined to keep troops in Iraq until he is done here in ’08. His family and top Republicans prepared the Baker report solely as a means for letting Curious George get off lightly but he will have none of it. I have said that unless someone beats him with a pool cue, George will never, never budge an inch on his determination to “stay the course.” That the American public, which is not too bright, finally had enough and voted, in essence, against Bush and his horrors, has not and never will dawn on him. With the evil Rove hissing in his ear that a Republican comeback depends on Bush “staying the course,” he will not give in. He can be forced, or his hand can be forced, but at this point, neither Congress nor his party wants to be so firm. Eventually, the public will demand it and we can look forward to a furious Bush, his mangy dog, Stepford wife and sluttish daughters escaping to his new hideaway to the south while millions cheer and the neocons jam onto the next El Al flight for their promised land. No extraditions ever possible for them and joy all around at the huge deposits of looted public funds that will soon be resting in Tel Aviv bank vaults.”

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