The Spell is Broken

News Commentary – Oct 4, 2012

Something is changing. It’s barely perceptible but a momentous change is occurring in the attitudes and perception of many around us.
It would be wrong to say that the power of those in authority is broken. But the illusion upon which their power rests is fading.
This has been illustrated by an email sent to us from an anonymous source. It concerns Tony Farrell, the former chief intelligence officer for South Yorkshire Police who was sacked after he publicly announced that 9/11 and 7/7 were acts of state terror carried out by covert elements in U.S., British and Israeli intelligence.
In other words, he said that the idea that Islamic radicals were behind these terror attacks was simply a ruse. According to Farrell, the real perpetrators were elements within the ‘security services’ who were supposedly protecting us from this alleged terror threat.
Given that Farrell had publicly expressed such views and lost his job in consequence, one would think that he might be cold-shouldered by his former colleagues.
Quite the reverse was true however, and it is this along with other recent developments that lead us to believe that the tide might be turning.
Here’s Tony Farrell’s account of what happened:

At 5pm on Sunday 30th September 2012, I pressed the button of a door outside Digbeth Police Station in Birmingham as the building was closed to the public. Over the phone system, I spoke to an operative and told them I was presenting myself for arrest under Section 15 iii of the Terrorism Act 2000. The operative took some details and told me to wait for assistance. Within 5 minutes, three police cars pulled up outside and five uniformed police got out of their vehicles.

I stood still and held out my arms with wrists together so that they could easily cuff me. They asked me what did I want them to do that for. I said I wanted the police to do their duty and act in accordance with the law. I quoted the act at them.  Nne of them seemed aware of the S15 iii TA2000. I told them that I was confessing to the above offence and wanted to clear my conscience. I told them I had in the past paid lots of money to an organisation which I had reasonable cause to suspect had been engaged in terrorist activity and that now that I was aware that what I had done in the past was a criminal offence. I told them I just  wanted to make a fresh start and confess my crime and take the full consequences of the law.

They asked me how much money was involved, I said about £1500. They then asked my who was the terrorist person I paid money to. I replied that it was not really a person but rather a large organisation that they had had lots of underhand dealings with. ( I was referring here to West Midlands Police’s role in the cover up of Hillsborough). So they asked me the name of the organisation. I said South Yorkshire Police. I said I had paid them money via Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

They all looked bewildered. They asked me how I came to suspect South Yorkshire Police were engaged in terrorist activity. I told them who I was and that I had been the Principal Intelligence Analyst in SYP for a long time and had come to disbelieve the Government narrative on 7/7 in July 2010. I mentioned the roles of former Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes and DCI Steve Williams in the London Bombings and the role of other officers in sacking me for speaking truth to power.

One of the five officers who was an asian held out his hand and said I’d like to shake your hand Mr Farrell. Two other officers did likewise and then left me with two remaining officers who took me to the police station for further questioning.  They declined to arrest me however.

At the station I was searched and they took details. Everything was amicable and I was well looked after. The uniformed officers seemed to be waiting for a steer from West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit. They tried also to contact South Yorkshire Police to confirm my identity but seemingly could not get through to anyone there. I told that over and above wh I was, I told them tat I had recently acquired information that could be very useful for the police service and would share it only if I thought I could trust them to act in accordance with their oath and duties. They said that would best be done in conjunction with West Mids CTU.

After an hour or so of waiting for contact with South Yorkshire Police, I suggested that the officers look on the internet instead to confirm who I was. So they took me to a computer and googled a few things.  One of them remarked as he was reading my letter addressed to all Chief Constables, bloody hell you are quite famous.

They looked at Nick Kollerstrom’s website. Briefly they looked at the Kollerstrom and Farrell are dead film and others like Offensive besides and said they would watch them in their owbn time. All this appeared entirely new to them. They did not seem aware of any of this activity by truth activists.

After three hours of frank but pleasant exchanges, they drove me home and came inside my appartment. They admired my chess set and I gave them colour copies of my analytical reports of 7/7, 9/11 and the terror threat which are now in the Royal Courts of Justice. I asked them to read, digest and pass on to West Midlnds Counter Terrorism Unit. They thanked me for them.

They shook my hands, wished me well and left. That evening I left Birmingham and headed for Sheffield to confront South Yorkshire Police. But that’s another story. Updates to follow! 

The moral of this little story is that Police Officers and the Police Service need our help in exposing what is going on.

Tony Farrell

The Principled Analyst Not Againt the Police Service

So far from being charged or treated as a traitor or renegade outsider, the police accept his references and shake his hand.
 Something is changing here, at grass roots level. The notion that ‘conspiracy theories’ are dreamt up by a few paranoid weirdos is no longer being bought by an increasing number of ordinary people.    
Of course, there isn’t a mass awakening underway but across the board individuals are waking up to the fact that we are being lied to by those in authority in collusion with the mass media. 
This has been further brought home by recent revelations about Jimmy Savile. Only now, years after his death are stories about his abuse of youngsters making the headlines. But as a correspondent pointed out, we are still only getting part of the story from a media that was effectively complicit in Savile’s crimes.
According to our correspondent:

The media is deliberately slanting the news on Jimmy Savile, they would rather it did not come out at all and the TV and the newspaper reports all feign shock. 

I did locum work as a GP in Rochdale and other Northern towns. Social workers openly spoke of Jimmy’s abuse of several boys who were young footballers, the instructor at a club had these tastes and he introduced others.

The press has found women who were abused but Jimmy used to haunt homosexual pick up points not in his Rolls Royce but in a scruffy old Morris wearing a wooly hat pulled down.

Every GP sees cases of abuse, but how did he get away so long? Who protected him?

As we said this isn’t a mass awakening but doctors and senior police officers – individuals considered pillars of the community – are waking up to the fact that we are being lied to by the authorities. Moreover these lies are being used not only to cover criminal child abuse but also to promote wars and the spread of disease.
Think of the invasion of Iraq, the massive civilian death toll that followed, Depleted Uranium and Gulf War Syndrome.
Whoever it was who helped protect Savile did so with the assistance of the corporate media. Just as the media was once complicit in Tony Blair’s lies about Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, when it repeated his infamous ’45 minute’ claim without question.
The media is complicit with these criminals. Isn’t about time they were all held accountable?

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