We Have Won The War for Truth

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Oct 2, 2012

All the establishment and their puppet government in the UK have got left is their power and their money. They have lost the propaganda war. Truth is ours.
Today’s article in the Daily Mail (THE DAILY MAIL, mind you….that oft-reviled right-wing rag) about last night’s 7/7 Conspiracy Road Trip on BBC3 has well over 500 comments and ALL the ‘best-rated’ are ON OUR SIDE, rejecting this programme as a  familiar BBC propaganda hit-piece.
Take a look and see for yourselves. Add your own comments.
My own observations re this horrible programme were as follows:
As with false-flag terror itself the thinkers behind the whole apparatus of deception appear to have developed a ‘template’ for this kind of hit-piece. It was similar in every way to the ‘9/11 Road Trip’ aired last year.
Everyone on the bus with Maxwell was a ‘conspiracy-theorist’ of one sort or another at the beginning of the show. One an independent-thinking observer who is ‘fascinated by the conspiracy allegations and suspect “there might be something in them”. Another weak and easily manipulated individual (role taken by girl in Muslim dress last night) and two more determined and committed opponents of the official story one of whom had previous connections to military/security services (role taken by fat-northerner-Barry-from-East-Enders-lookalike last night and Charlie Vietch on 9/11 road trip) who, of course, WILL be turned by what he discovers. Then, one rather slow-witted and not fully-informed die-hard (or, more likely, his contribution was edited to make him look like this) who will be isolated at the end, a poor soul whom “nobody can help”.
The dirty lying manipulating shitbags work hard for their place in hell. Is it uncharitable to wish them their just reward?
See “9/11 Road Trip ‘conspiracy-theorist -who-got-turned’, an ex-member of the military, one Charlie Vietch, below. For anyone who has the tiniest doubt about Vietch. This is a clip of him before he ‘came out’ as a megaphone-touting man of the people. You will hear him declare the police innocent of Stephen Tomlinson’s death on the very day of the anti-globalist G20 demo in London.:
Our northern ‘conspiracy theorist’ in last night’s show was a piece of work cut from the same cloth.


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