Why Masons Are Afraid of Alex Chapman

Henry Makow – October 1, 2012

An immigrant from Trinidad has shown Canadians how to fight the secret Masonic establishment that runs the country, and the world. 
Freemason power isn’t in jeopardy. But they do fear exposure. They depend on duping the intelligentsia. 
They do not want these useful idiots to recognize that a corrupt, even satanic, Masonic network controls most everything of importance.
To refresh your memory, Alex Chapman blew the whistle on Lori Douglas who is the Chief Family Court Judge in Manitoba. He revealed that before she became a judge, her husband Jack King solicited him to have kinky sex with her and post pictures of it on the Internet. King showed Chapman dozens of pictures of Douglas on an interracial rape site called Dark Cavern.
King was Chapman’s lawyer at the time. Chapman depended on him in a difficult divorce proceeding and was being coerced to take part. Douglas didn’t mention all this when she was being vetted to become a judge. 
Chapman took the case to the Canadian Judicial Council which launched an inquiry. Douglas was suspended. Winnipeg’s Masonic establishment has come to Douglas’ defence
I met with Alex Chapman Sunday. Maybe this is what the Masons are afraid of:
1.  During Chapman’s testimony, he demanded to know why a picture of a woman sitting on a judge’s chair masturbating was missing from the picture portfolio King sent him. Douglas’ lawyer Sheila Block said this was not Douglas but another woman.  Chapman believes this other woman may be a colleague of Lori Douglas’, another family court judge.  This suggests that Lori Douglas’s example is not isolated but permeates the judicial system in Manitoba and elsewhere.

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