Times Online ‘Covers’ Jimmy Savile’s Abuse of Children, Literally

News Commentary – Sept 30, 2012

There is far more to this story than there first appears. It’s not just about a media figure abusing the trust of innocents and raping schoolgirls. Nor is it simply about how, by their admission the rapist’s media colleagues ‘colluded with him as a child abuser’.
For in spite of the acknowledgment the cover up continues. For in effect the exposure of some crimes assists in the concealment of others, far worse. 

Jimmy Savile ‘raped schoolgirl guests on his TV shows’

Sadie Grey – Times Online.co.uk Sept 30, 2012

Sir Jimmy Savile was a sex abuser who preyed upon schoolgirls he had invited to appear as guests on his hit television shows, a documentary will allege this week.

A number of women have come forward with claims dating back to the 1970’s that the late broadcaster raped or sexually assaulted them in his Rolls Royce and at BBC Television Centre. 

To continue reading the rest of this article Times Online expects readers to pay Rupurt Murdoch for what is essentially old news.
For this website first reported on Jimmy Savile’s perverted lusts nearly a year ago in the report entitled Death of a Showman: Jimmy Saville 1926-2011.
What’s more we didn’t demand payment from readers to read the story.
Then to add insult to injury the Times Online only presents a sanitised account of Savile’s exploits. It pointedly omits to mention that he was a serial abuser who not only preyed upon underage girls but young boys too.
Even more tellingly it fails to mention Savile’s links to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children’s home where human remains were found and where children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused for many years. 
So far from being news the Times Online report is what is known as the Limited Hangout. This is a technique whereby to reduce public backlash over immoral or criminal acts, sanitised accounts of what had been previously unknown are released to an unwitting public.
Crucially, the effectiveness of the Limited Hangout depends on the omission of certain key items of information. This leads the public to think that the truth is finally being revealed to them, when in fact they are only being fed half-truths.
In effect the supposed ‘revelation’ amounts to little more than disinformation.
So beyond omitting to mention Savile’s taste for young boys and his links with the notorious Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey, the Times Online also overlooks the establishment figures involved with Savile.
It omits to mention that the Keeper of the Queen’s art collection, Sir Anthony Blunt had blocked earlier police investigations into activities involving Savile. This, according to our informant, came straight from the lips of an angry detective involved in the earlier police investigation.
Yet the Time Online demands payment for this even as it continues the cover-up.
For according to our informant, Murdoch’s News International knew who and what was involved in the original investigation even as they buried the information. Now they are being forced to partially divulge what they knew as some of Savile’s victims will testify in a documentary to be broadcast later this week.
According to Esther Rantzen, Savile’s media colleagues had “colluded with him as a child abuser”.

After viewing the documentary, Esther Rantzen has told how some in broadcasting ‘blocked our ears’ to claims about Jimmy Savile made during his career.

In an emotional interview, the broadcaster and Childline founder told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I feel that we in television, in his world, in some way colluded with him as a child abuser – because I now believe that’s what he was. We all blocked our ears. There was gossip, there were rumours.’

Despite Rantzen’s remorse however, the Times Online continues the cover-up and worse still expects you to pay for it.
Don’t you think that some in the media be made to answer for what they are involved with? We do although we doubt the relevant authorities will do anything, the time maybe coming when ordinary people decide to do something.

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3 responses to “Times Online ‘Covers’ Jimmy Savile’s Abuse of Children, Literally”

  1. […] it seems Jimmy had a penchant for young boys as well. Here is what he had to say: Times Online They don't actually present any evidence; at least you don't. Some of the key things for me: 1. […]

  2. A former intelligence operative writes:

    Word the media about Childline founders Sarah Caplin and Esther Rantzen feeling guilty, as they should have known, misses the point; as they did know because many of the victims claimed to have phoned in and told them.

    Mention has been made in the media of Peter Mandelson, a well-known homosexual who is the director of the NSPCC, which works closely with Childline under ex-Children’s minister Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer). All are high Profile Jews connected to the Jewish lobby.

    The word in intel circles was that children were being abused in every care home in the UK, as admitted by Hodge and the perpetrators blackmailed to support the Iraq and soon Iran wars.

    Rupert Murdoch was tapping all their phones along with Tony Blair’s, the U.S. National Security Agency were also tapping Tony’s phone and claimed he was quote “a lightweight Pinnochio figure whom they did not trust ”

    The inference here is that these child protection organisations were keeping the lid on, rather than stopping child abuse. Recently a lady child carer in Spain whose husband was accused of abusing a child, killed her children rather than have them taken into care, so serious is the abuse of kids taken from the parents.

    It’s out in the open now about Jimmy Savile, now we want the people who protected him like Esther Rantzen Rupert Murdoch and Peter Mandelson.

  3. Hello Rixon may I say how much I enjoy your blog,

    The media is deliberately slanting the news on Jimmy Savile, they would rather it did not come out at all and the TV and the newspaper reports all feign shock.

    I did locum work as a GP in Rochdale and other Northern towns, social workers openly spoke of Jimmy’s abuse of several boys who were young footballers, the instructor at a club had these tastes and he introduced others.

    The press has found women who were abused but Jimmy used to haunt homosexual pick up points not in his Rolls Royce but in a scruffy old Morris wearing a wooly hat pulled down.

    Every GP sees cases of abuse, but how did he get away so long? Who protected him?

    There were rumours of who this was at the time I remember.

    Dr N Patel.