Holocaust Propaganda (Yet Again) Not To Be Trusted

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Sept 30, 2012

An article is published today about the extermination of mental defectives in Nazi Germany, but the purpose of the article is to attack those who publicly doubt the existence of Nazi ‘Gas Chambers’ constructed for the extermination of Jews.
The Holocaust industry is on something of a retreat in the public domain, it would appears. H-propaganda now tends to attract the attention of a growing body of sceptics who are aware of both the absence of physical evidence supporting the existence of human gas chambers and also of the surfeit of evidence supporting their non-existence.
Thus we discover that H-propaganda is becoming more oblique.
Now we find ourselves presented with ‘evidence’ (in fact non-evidence) that is, because of our ignorance of the subject, very difficult to challenge or even doubt.
But doubt it we must.
The original article recycles information that emerged (as far as I can make out, having done admittedly little research on this issue) in Austrian-Jewish authoress Gita Sereny’s “Into That Darkness”, her lengthy interview with Franz Stangl.
Stangl was director of the Hadamar Psychiatric Institute and, according to Sereny, moved on to Treblinka where he got down to the business of mass-extermination in an even more serious and accelerated mode.
I read Sereny’s book less than ten years ago and believed every word. It is very well written and superficially convincing.
Some weeks later when I raised the issue someone pointed out to me a few of the physical anomalies and impossibilities associated with the allegations that Treblinka was an extermination camp. These are dealt with very thoroughly in the YouTube film “One Third of a Holocaust” (see below). The first was the fact that diesel fumes, a non-lethal gas that would tend to cause severe headaches rather than death while there is still any air around at all. The idea of mass-extermination by diesel fumes is, in itself, ridiculous. Then there are the descriptions of bodies ‘catching fire’ as they were thrown onto open pyres built of piles of firewood. Next, there is a lack of any documentary or independent corroborating evidence. As David Irving says, even if all official evidence was destroyed you would expect, somewhere, to come across the private correspondence of soldiers or officials who participated in this most distasteful horror. Even of this kind of evidence, there is none.
I then went back to the Stangl confessions and relised that he made these statements at a time when he was in jail awaiting his APPEAL against a conviction on just such charges.
Firstly, why on earth would he admit everything at the very time he was going to say the opposite in a court of law?
Secondly, Stangl ‘died’ in prison a few days after the Sereny interviews were completed. He never made it to court to appeal his conviction, nor did he ever get the chance to refute a word Sereny had put in his mouth.
Based on all this it is fair to conclude that not a single word of Stangl’s confession can be trusted.
That doesn’t mean there were no killings of the infirm at The Hadamar Instutute, only that evidence presented to the world by Gita Sereny  should, quite obviously, be rejected.
Furthermore, though It is perhaps horrible to say this, the photographs of corpses and bottles of morphine and death certificates presented at the foot of the article referred to do not constitute “proof” that the Hadamar Institute was an extermination centre. It merely demonstrates that people died there. No more than that. If there such proof exists, this ain’t it.
It is also interesting that all original source books affirming the holocaust were written by Jews and all denying the ‘human gas chambers’ were written by gentiles. I’d bet my house that Mr Strous is Jewish.
Until the physical evidence is debated openly and fairly in public, anyone who has seen the contrary evidence is forced to recognise ‘The Holocaust’ as a Jewish racket.
The reason debate on this most important issue is forbidden, and in many countries illegal, can only be because that debate can only have one possible outcome.
Jewish people, like most of their gentile cousins, truly believe these tales of ghastly horror. It is often dangerous to do otherwise.
One must hope that Jewish people will come to understand that this tale, more even than Jewish banking power, has manufactured ‘the Jewish people’ into a shield behind which the malignant and criminal core of world power , Jewish and Gentile, can safely operate.
When ‘The Jews’ grasp this and finally heed Christ’s warnings that their leaders (the Pharissees/Orthodox Talmudists) are “of Satan”, then there is every chance that we will all be delivered from the influence of these appalling people.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.