Tinsel Glitter and the Cup the Holds Our Joy

Visible Origami – Sept 29, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet and buried in the essential essence of life, immune to all other sensations.
What to say? What to say? Do we get all edgy? Do we get soft and fuzzy? Do we get comedic? How about all three and a bonus mystery style. Well, we don’t know what’s coming. We just know it is coming. It keeps on coming. God knows why, I don’t. I’m a tool. Some people might see that as a negative connotation. I see it as a positive connotation. It’s all I want to be and you know what they say about the Army, “Be all you can be”. Well, I’m not in that army but I am in some army. If I were to look in the mirror, maybe I could see the insignia and combat ribbons …but when I look in the mirror, all I see is some guy in some variation of mufti. I don’t get told anything, I just perform for the purpose of demonstration and one day follows the next, until I get to be Les Visible.
We’ve got a lot of guests coming around these days, so I guess that is what is happening and we are going to be traveling so, if you are UK based and think you might like to pub crawl, or just crawl period (before we can walk) with Visible, you need to book a time slot or come where I am or some central location would be okay too. India comes up in the headlights the second week of December so, if you want to walk, or crawl around that mountain in Arunachala, in the spirit of Ramana Maharshi, right about now is the time to start thinking about it. Of course, right about now is the time to be thinking of a great many things and I’m guessing if you are thinking about the divine, then those great many things will be taken care of.
It’s been four or five years now since I first heard about, “rely on me”. It didn’t take at first. It was a sort of spurts and sputtered starts, lapsing…. Boss Paul: “Suppose you’s to back-slide on us, Luke”. As time has passed, it has gotten more relative and real, given that I keep getting reduced to having to do that anyway. That’s how God works, when he wants you to rely on him, he fixes it so that you have no alternative. You have no choice. Certain things can only be accomplished by complete reliance on the divine. There are these deep things, deep within, that have to be removed and they can’t be removed unless we become totally reliant, because otherwise we are holding on to the things and God can’t remove them, unless we surrender them. Faith and belief are seriously, important qualities. They have a lot more to them than the surface interpretation. It’s like Love.
Love is a most marvelous and intricate thing. It goes on and on and no one has ever plumbed the depths of it, no one has ever come to the height of it. It is limitless and it expresses differently through everyone depending on their depths and heights. It is whatever we are equal to that is equal to us. The whole purpose of life is to increase our capacity for Love. As Kahlil Gibran, paraphrasing as I go, said, “Do not be dismayed by the sword that cuts into your heart, it is only cutting deeper into the cup that holds your joy”.
Love moves through music and it makes music out of everything it moves through. It sings in the wind chimes on the porch. It sings in the sinking sun of a beautiful evening to come. It sings in the stars of the night. It sings and sings but so many of us remain mute because Love has it’s demands and requires us to diminish ourselves. It requires us to make a greater space for it, so that portions of ourselves must be erased for that to happen and we are loathe to do that, even though these are simply facets of the false self., They are impediments on the path. They hamstring us. They are a load upon our shoulders. We bear this load with pride, which paves the road to our downfall. We build these roads that we walk upon ♫We built this city!♫
It’s funny but… not hah hah funny that we succumb to accommodation. What is accommodation? It’s what happens when you can’t hear the jackhammer, or other construction sounds, outside your window, or any sounds really. So, when we hear the word, Love, or any of the divine qualities that complete us, in the way we so desperately want, but are often unaware of how important they are, well, the power and meaning of these things, recedes into the background. We operate off of conditioned reflex. We embrace the superficial interpretation and that decorates our world. Tinsel glitters like silver but it is not silver. Iron Pyrite is not gold. Nothing so accurately sums up the banker paradise, suffocating materialism and endemic corruption of all institutions, like those tungsten stuffed gold bars.
You literally get dog eat dog out of the conditions of these times. Profit margin, intensity squeezes ever more blood from whatever and whoever. Benefits, pensions, wage increases, health care, all go by the wayside, or are manipulated for the profit of the men at the top. Loss of a manufacturing base, rampant illegal immigration and outsourcing are a collective series of punches to the dark underbelly, of a dying culture. This is the inheritance of cockroaches and rats. Hence, comes a scorpion infested wasteland. It didn’t have to be like this and it doesn’t have to be like this but it is like this.
Somewhere a new culture is rising, like a Phoenix from the ashes of the old. It’s not immediately apparent. It’s not centrally located, it’s everywhere, in pieces, crying out for union. It’s all about union anyway, cause it ‘s all about sex. You put a plug into a socket …and we are tubes. We put things in one end and they come out the other, transformed into the First Matter. We produce shit, in a whole lot of different ways but it doesn’t have to be like that. I know something good is coming …but all the bad things are concealing its emergence. It’s coming out of us too …but all the facets of the false self are concealing that too …but it can’t be concealed forever. We have a high destiny, so much greater than the pedestrian monotony of our unexamined lives. It is a shining citadel within. It is the ultimate hearth and home. It is the resident, indwelling Shambala and all we need is to see it. How do we come to be able to see it? Intensity accomplishes that. The pillars of Islam are a construct for that, as are the stations of the cross …and you have to find the system that speaks to you. I have a system but I don’t know what it is. That’s the Visible Schematic. Visible isn’t allowed to know for some reason.
Sometimes, I feel like I need a minder, someone who can map out and outline all of my days and ways, in some kind of comprehensive fashion. Maybe I have that and don’t know that I have it. It shows up on odd days and hangs around for awhile. Conversations take place. A whole intimacy happens and it can go on all day or for two days. Then it goes away and I start looking for it, or I forget that it happened but I don’t forget much anymore, because I have made it the centerpiece of my existence.
My existence doesn’t happen unless I am thinking about it, pursuing it, speaking to it.
My life has no meaning, or value without it. I won’t allow that and neither will my minder.

“In these days of indigestion, it is often times a question
Of what to eat, and what to leave alone
Every microbe and bacillus has a different way to kill us
And in time they all will claim you for their own.
For there are germs of every kind in every food that you can find
In the market or upon the bill of fare
Drinking water’s just as risky as the so-called deadly whiskey
And its often a mistake to breathe the air.

Some little bug is going to find you someday
Some little bug will creep behind you someday
Then he’ll call to his bug friends
And your troubles they will end
Some little bug is going to find you some day.

Well that lovely green cucumber has most everybody’s number
And the sweet corn has a system all its own
That radish looks nutritious but its behavior is quite vicious
And a doctor will be coming to your home
Eating lobster cooked or plain is only flirting with ptomaine
And an oyster often has a lot to say
Those clams they put in chowder make the angels sing the louder
For they know that they’ll be with you right away.

Some little bug is going to find you someday
Some little bug will creep behind you someday
Then he’ll call to his bug friends
And your troubles they will end
Some little bug is going to find you someday.

When cold storage vaults I visit, I can only say what is it
Makes poor mortals fill their systems with that stuff
At breakfast prunes are dandy if a stomach pump is handy
And a doctor can be summoned soon enough.

Eat that plate of fine pig’s knuckles and the gravestone cutter chuckles
And the grave digger makes a mark upon his cuff
Eat that lovely red bologna and you’ll wear a wood kimono
As your relatives start packing up your stuff.

Some little bug is going to find you someday
Some little bug will creep behind you someday
Eat that spicy bowl of chili
On your breast they’ll plant a lily
Some little bug is going to find you someday.
Those crazy foods they mix, they’ll float you ‘cross the River Styx
And send stardust climbing up the milky way
And those meals they serve in courses need a hearse and two black horses
So before the meal some people always pray.

Grapes breed appendicitis and their juice leads to gastritis
So there’s only death to greet you either way
Fried liver’s nice but mind, your friends will follow close behind you
And the newspapers will have nice things to say.

Some little bug is going to find you someday
Some little bug will creep behind you someday
Eat that juicy sliced pineapple
And the sextant does the chapel
Some little bug is going to find you someday”.

Don’t ask me why I put that in there. I wouldn’t know. Most of everything I do, I do on impulse. I don’t know why I do any of it; thy name is spontaneity. Anyway, over to you.
End Transmission…….
There may well not be a radio show this weekend. I’ve got a lot on my plate. One of those things is going to be fresh steamed spinach and corn on the cob.