Let’s Look at Porn

Jennifer: “Please men stop beating your chests that you have such huge sex drives! It is all falsely induced via the drug of porn–get over yourself.”
Dan: “Jennifer was right. What postmodern males believe is an uncontrollable, powerful libido is sex addiction programmed at a early age by media over-stimulation of boys.”

by Rich Loomis – (henrymakow.com) Sept 28, 2012

If the above comments were true, all we would need do is eliminate porn, and lo! Men would no longer be distracted by booty – problem solved!
Never mind that a similar logic with regard to booze and prohibition quite obviously did NOT eliminate or even mitigate the equally problematic and time-honored human propensity for alcohol.
The fact is, porn is more of an indicator of the male sex drive than its cause.
At base, the Jennifer/Dan mindset promotes the happy illusion that we can consciously negate our biological hard-wiring by just a bit more self-will, discipline, and moral awareness.
While this argument has some truth, it is really suggesting we can potty-train wild sharks via education and acculturation of “higher values” etc. If only this were so!
Sorry folks, nude pictures, or even explicit videos do not constitute the libido, but merely illustrate its logical expression.


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