Iranian Ra’ad Air Defence System in Action

News Brief – September 28, 2012

Nobody in the West is saying as much but Iran’s air defence technology may just have taken a big step forward in terms of sophistication and capability.
Iran claims its new medium range air-defence system the Raad or R’ad has been specifically designed to confront US aircraft. As Israel also operates a lot of U.S. manufactured military aircraft that would also include Israeli military planes too.
How effective the Iranian designed and manufactured system would be remains to be seen. However, with a claimed range of 50 kilometres and an engagement altitude of 25 to 27 kilometres it should be effective, at least on paper.
In response to repeated implied threats from Israel about “all option” being open to deal with Iran’s nuclear program, Tehran has put considerable effort in recent years to upgrade its defence capability.
This has become all the more urgent since Russia’s agreed sale of the advanced long-range S-300 air defence system fell through. Since then Tehran has redoubled its efforts to upgrade its own indigenous weapons technology, in particular its air defences.
As a result, Iran’s own version of the long-range S-300 air-defence system, the Bavar 373 is currently being developed and could be operational as early as next year.
In the meantime it has also developed and fielded other indigenous air defence systems: the Mersad, the Mesbah 1 and now the Raad or R’ad.
As noted though, it remains to be seen whether in the event of hostilities breaking out Iran’s air defences could effectively contain U.S. and/or Israeli air strikes. But on paper at least, and now on video, this latest addition to the country’s air defences looks formidable enough.
Finally, there has been speculation recently that Israel may not strike Iran until 2013.
To which we can only add, if it doesn’t happen by the end of this year it may not happen at all. If only because the cloud cover over Tehran from late November onwards will limit the effectiveness of air strikes. Postponing an air campaign until spring 2013 at the earliest.
By which time Iran could well have finished development of the Bavar 373 and have enough of its other indigenous air defence systems in place to thwart an air campaign.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s Defence Minister Ehud Barak know this. Meaning that it would be foolish to dismiss them ordering air strikes against Iran in the coming months.
The clock is ticking. Israel’s hard-liner Zionist leaders know it and under such conditions desperate men are capable of resorting to desperate measures.
So we wouldn’t rule out Netanyahu ordering an Israeli military strike on Iran. Although he knows it may not entirely eliminate the existential threat Iran allegedly poses, America is bound by treaty to protect Israel when Tehran retaliates and with nuclear weapons if necessary.
Welcome to what could be the onset of World War III.

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