Voice of the White House December 3, 2006

”The Titanic has struck her iceberg and is going down, slowly, into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. The mid-term elections were the iceberg and the Bush administration is the Titanic. At least the Titanic’s Captain E.J. Smith went down with his ship but in the present case, George W. Bush, has no intention of going down at all. There are many, many rumors, most from high level people here, that the Bush family is negotiating to purchase nearly 100,000 acres in Paraguay, in close proximity to an off-limits (to news people) Paraguayan military base, where the Paraguay government has exempted our troops, consisting of certain Special Forces designed to operate against Venezuela, from prosecution for any alleged war crimes they might commit in projected military actions against the hated Chavez. Paraguay is further south of Venezuela and fomenting action there is not as obvious as the recently bumbled CIA operations intended to assassinate Chavez and headquartered in eastern Columbia. A number of top-level militant far right Bush officials have resigned (Cambone from DoD and Bolton from the U.N.) and there are more to come. There is also serious talk about Cheney suddenly resigning “because of recent serious heart problems.” Why? Because it is becoming well known here that the new Congress is, without question, going to start very serious investigations into the actions of some of these people after January 1st, 2007, and it is more than possible that criminal indictments could follow in their wake.

It is interesting to consider that if Bush is brought up on impeachment proceedings (something more and more discussed and very seriously) and Cheney “took sick,” the Speaker of the House would be next in line for the Presidency. This now is more or less an in joke but in fact it could work out.

There is also a glut of information floating about on the killing, by radioactive material, of a former KGB operative who was living in London. Although the Putin-hating Cheney and his friends have been salting the media with strong hints that Russian President Vladimir Putin was somehow responsible for this, the truth is far more interesting.

All of this goes back to the days following the breakup of the former Soviet Union. Russia is possessed of a huge amount of natural resources, most important, natural gas and oil. Under the Communists, these resources were badly managed but after Gorbachev left power, Yeltsin, a good friend of the C.I.A. came to power and immediately de-nationalized the oil and gas.

Those who successfully bid for it was a gang of Russian street thugs, extortionists, drug dealers, counterfeiters, pimps and conmen. These men were all Jewish and they had very good connections both in Israel and in the United States with their co-religionists. The plan, as is now known but never, never talked about, was for this group to buy up the privatized resources using money obtained from outside the country and then sell off controlling interests in it to western and Israeli companies.

The Bank of New York, owned by an Israeli citizen and the World Bank and IMF, through the good offices of fellow co-religionists, put up the money and the group, later known as the Oligarchy, threatened any possible bidder with death and soon was in control of the entire system. They took in huge payments from foreign banks and firms, stuffed their pockets and Swiss and Israeli bank accounts but before their new partners could grab control, Putin came to power and quickly, and very quietly, put a stop to what amounted to a wholesale theft of Russia’s valuable natural resources. Putin, an ex-KGB Lt. Colonel, moved to re-nationalize the assets, driving out the Oligarchs and seizing their money in the process. As a result of this, there were many very unhappy people, not the least of which were Israeli and American business concerns.

So much for the background.

Keep this in mind and also be informed that anti-Semitism has long been rampant in Russia. It existed long before Stalin and exists today. Most Russians simply detest Jews of any kind and the fact that Stalin, who in spite of being a terrible anti-Semite, staffed his secret police and prison system with Russian Jews because they hated the Christian Russians who had persecuted them for centuries.

The man involved here, one Alexander Litvinenko, who just died in Britain of radiation poisoning, was a former KGB agent, He had been a critic of anti-Semitism in the Russian security services and the former KGB spy had written a book ‘The FSB Blows up Russia’ in which he’d condemned the latent anti-Semitism within Russian’s Federal Security Service. He was very closely connected with the former Oligarchs who were eager to regain their former empires if and when Putin left office in 2008.

Litvinenko had just traveled to Israel a few weeks before his death, to pass on a dossier on how the Kremlin took over the Russian energy giant Yukos. Litvinenko, who was Jewish, passed the dossier to Leonid Nevzlin, the former second in command at Yukos. Mr Nevzlin fled to Tel Aviv because he feared for his life after Russia took over the control of the oil giant.

Another contact of Litvinenko was Boris Berezovsky whose London home and office were this week found to be contaminated with the radioactive substance. Berezovsky had apparently met Litvinenko after the former spy allegedly refused an order to assassinate him.

There is no question that the former KGB agent was poisoned but by whom and why is not known. It is not believed by British investigators that the Putin government was involved and it is felt that it more than likely that some Byzantine plotting among the former Oligarchs is to blame.

Consider that Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former head of Yukos, is now in one of Putin’s jails and that the other Oligarchs were deposed and run out of Russia and one has ample motive for continuing plots and counter plots. One of my informants has told me that these Oligarchs have been attempting to deal with the Bush people but now that the President is effectively neutered, they are looking elsewhere, probably among prominent Democrats, to seek a return to power. The huge oil companies who would have been greatly enriched if the Oligarchs had been successful, are not longer at the table and will more than likely be squeezed by the Democrats for their fierce support of Bush.

The Bush administration and its strong supporters in the oil industry have long loathed Putin for his dastardly successes in rescuing his countries’ natural resources from outside influences but with the power change in Washington, both Israel and her Oligarch citizens have diminished hopes of reviving their dreams of capturing Russian oil and gas.”

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