Press TV correspondent killed in Syrian capital

News Brief – September 27, 2012

A Press TV journalist has been killed in Damascus while reporting on twin blasts in the Syrian capitol. Press TV’s Damascus bureau chief was also wounded in the attack when snipers opened fire on them as they reported from the scene of the explosions.
Hosein Mortada, a Syrian national, sustained bullet wounds to the back during the incident. While the snipers killed Maya Naser, the English-language news network’s Syrian born correspondent.
The Iranian news network has blamed Turkey and the Gulf States for the incident.
“We hold Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who provide militants weapons to kill civilians, military personnel and journalists, responsible for killing Maya,” Press TV’s News Room Director Hamid Reza Emadi said.
However, this website wouldn’t be surprised if elements of Western intelligence were also involved.
First off this was obviously a targeted killing. The snipers could have just as easily selected other foreign journalists but they specifically aimed at two journalists working for an Iranian news outlet.
Western intelligence services are deeply involved in the events unfolding in Syria.
Beyond supplying insurgents with arms and ammunition and recruiting foreign born fighters for the “Syrian opposition”, Western intelligence is also helping to shape how events are being portrayed in the Western media.
By ensuring journalists with ties to Western intelligence have access to the “Syrian opposition”, they ensure the sort of correspondent is on hand who will omit mentioning that a good many of the opposition fighters are not actually Syrian.
On the other hand Western intelligence also wants to ensure that the real nature of events unfolding in Syria, and their covert involvement, is not exposed. One way to achieve that would be the elimination of journalists not towing the official Western line.
Prompting questions over whether this wasn’t behind the killing of a correspondent working for an Iranian news outlet?

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