“Active Lifestyle” – Dangerous for Your Health

by Henry Makow, Ph.D. – henrymakow.com Sept 26, 2012

Almost to a man, medical doctors advocate an active lifestyle. However,  every week I see how this advice can lead to premature death.
Outdoor types do not live as long as homebodies who stick close to their computers, TV’s and fridges. 
I mean no disrespect to the victims of the “active lifestyle”. I think their foreshortened lives are a terrible waste. Why do people take unnecessary risks? 
Shriya Shaw-Klorfine ,33, was a Canadian of Nepalese origin who decided she had to climb Mount Everest.
“If she wanted something there was nothing you could say to stop her,” her husband said. “She was very strong-willed, you could say Type A.”
She invested $40,000 in the climb, and when her sherpas told her she didn’t have enough oxygen to get back down, she wouldn’t listen. To her credit, she reached the top but died on her way down.
Lenami Godinez-Avila, 27, is  another Canadian minority woman who died prematurely because of  active living. On April 28, 2012, she and her boyfriend were celebrating an anniversary by hang gliding.
Couldn’t they have gone out for dinner instead?

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