People are Puppets of their Sex Drive

by Rich Loomis – ( Sept 25, 2012 

A comment by Jennifer (final comment re The Absurdity of the Male Sex Drive) deserves a comment in return. She opines: 
“Please men stop beating your chests that you have such huge sex drives! It is all falsely induced via the drug of porn—get over yourself.”
If this sort of perception about the male sex drive was merely an ignorant one-off by Jennifer herself, it could be ignored as undeserving of attention or correction.
However, speaking from long personal experience and via deep conversations with a large variety of women over the years, I have observed a tremendous female blind spot on this vital matter that significantly contributes to the so-called “battle of the sexes.”
The fact is, most women really haven’t a CLUE just how powerful the male sex drive truly is, and worse, they really don’t WANT to know. Why? Probably due to a mixture of several compelling reasons that few women understand (or would admit) about themselves.
First and foremost: they are consciously or unconsciously afraid that acknowledging the reality of a hard-wired sex drive difference would tend to “validate” the incontestable historical/biological pattern of male philandering and infidelity. They abhor the thought of granting any credence whatsover to the old (and at least somewhat true) excuse: “Honey, really, I do love you . . I just couldn’t help myself!”
Ladies, how many of you have attempted – time and again – to quit smoking?

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