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Reflections in a Petri Dish – September 24, 2012

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Mr Apocalypse is heating up the chemistry of exposure. It’s all coming together, or coming apart, as you prefer. What this means is that the necessity for a false flag, keeps becoming more and more certain, because nothing less than this, or a new war, is going to be effective in stopping Mr. Apocalypse, from his determined march, to bring the truth before the eyes of this sleeping world. Here is a trenchant quote that says it all and you have heard these things hammered on here for years; “psychologists explain why the media and many of the public are so reluctant to question the official story. The reasons come down to trauma, belief in authority and cognitive dissonance. People simply do not want to believe anything that contradicts their “world view” and their faith in the authorities that provide their security. Confronted with contradictory evidence, people resort to denial as a defense mechanism”. It’s good to see the corroboration. Oh yeah.
Once again, it is a matter of trends, my friends. Mr. Apocalypse has got The Trend Phaser on it’s highest setting and that would not be ‘stun’. You can see all of this happening in front of your eyes. All kinds of things are going wrong for the The Powers that Fail. Evil is shooting itself in the foot, so many things that they have wanted, plotted for and stratagized across the years to accomplish, are not coming to pass as they intended, or as I perceive their intentions to have been.
I must say that the way the truth about 9/11 has been manipulated and suppressed, strikes me as one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen. The degree to which the public has been willing to swallow obvious, transparent and outrageously incomprehensible lies, leaves me flabbergasted. I look at it all in amazement, quite often. It appears to be supernatural. There’s more to all of this than I can compute. Something deep and mysterious is going on. Some of us are also just made differently. Some of us immediately saw that everything we were being told, was patently off the wall. Others, just muddled on through the years, unwilling, or unable to see and to comprehend the 15,000 pound elephant in the room. They refuse to consider the ever more egregious voter fraud. They refuse to see that there is no real difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. They let their rights get taken from them and stand around in a hypnotic stupor, as a police state is raised up around them. They truly are in a dream that is morphing into a nightmare. Then there is Mr. Apocalypse, banging on their tin heads and making a booming echo, in the vast wasteland of the cognitive dissonance, consciousness of The Kali Yuga, Train Wreck Brigade Shmoos.
How is it that people don’t get what is going on around them? I am truly amazed. Nothing good can come of this. You can’t be that stoned and stupid and expect that your survival chances are going to be very good. I really dislike having to say these same things, over and over, giving the impression that I hold some large numbers of the human race in unmitigated contempt. I don’t mean to but what choice have I got? For me, a lot of it has to do with the epidemic lack of curiosity. Being incurious is a terrible liability. Or is it being curious about the wrong things? Young people are graduating from schools lacking the most basic of skills and this accounts for the text messaging junkie mind and the bizarre popularity of Twitter. The comic irony of being a Twit, gives such a surreal aspect to contemporary life. I get the distinct sensation that someone, or several someone’s, is laughing at the human race. I can hear the laughter. Then there is the callous disregard on the part of the usual suspects. These are the people who stood on the hills over Gaza and cheered the massacre. These are the people who fire on Palestinian fishing boats and performed cold blooded murder on the flotillas and nobody en masse seems to give a damn. Tribe members are pornographically over represented in the Senate, The House of Representatives, and the Noahide Judiciary. They control Homeland Security, which controls all kinds of things and they do not mean the American public well. Somehow, some way, this cold blooded and vicious imbalance, is going to be exposed in a mass awakening. It has to happen. People tell me it won’t happen, given what we can see about the state of national consciousness, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen but… it has to happen. Insidious things are afoot all over the place. Corporations are immersed in low jinks but somehow these things keep coming out. Then there are some really alarming statistics that show madness is afoot.. We are in WTF country and madness is afoot.
With all of everything, Mr. Apocalypse keeps on marching.
Maybe I am deceived about my perceptions of the general public. I have to remember my own words more often and affirm what has been proven to me over and over again; appearances are deceiving, appearances are deceiving.
The ominous presence of the danger being engineered, upon the people’s of the world by Israel, is a frightening thing. Russia has repeatedly warned against attacking Iran. The possibility of the use of nuclear weapons is truly intimidating. Consonant with this, is a blackout on information, concerning the state of the Gulf of Mexico in the aftermath of the BP catastrophe and Fukushima. What is the truth about these matters? You get a different story from everyone having anything to say and nothing from the Crass Media. When you find out things like this, you understand why things are so screwed up and why a revolution is necessary, perhaps even a French style revolution. There seems to be no end to the horrors of Monsanto. I always ask myself, “If these are the things we know, what are the things we do not know”? Corruption is everywhere and it’s being exposed all up and down the line. This has to mean something. This has to mean that Mr. Apocalypse is fast walking the talk.
Signs are everywhere. Every morning I go to the Crass Media to see if today is the day. Still, we are hearing about these things. The stranglehold of that shitty little country in the Middle East is amazing. Of course, controlling The Central Banks accounts for some amount of their fell and feral power and their massive blackmail operations that reach into the governments around the world but it seems to me that what is really operative on the level of greatest intimidation, is that Israel has nukes hidden in countries around the world. They’re mad dogs.
I’m putting all of these seemingly disparate and complex things out here today because there are these two perspectives that are playing ping pong in my head. One perspective, is that everything is out of control and that we are in dire straits and terrible possibilities are on the doorstep. You get indications of this all over the place and when you factor that in with the aggregate materialism and ignorance of the general population, it amplifies the potential everywhere. Then there is the perspective that everything is under control and moving toward manifest destiny, in a calculated and possibly wonderful way. I tend toward the latter, while the former pops up out of nowhere, on it’s own and troubles me, until I realize that the latter is the truth and always has been. But I don’t know do I? I have a strong assurance and I have found this assurance to be true in my life and that is what I am going on and I hope I am right, for all of our sakes.
I’ll close with a very strange event that happened to me yesterday. While my companion has been in Italy for the last two and a half weeks, I have been visiting her mother in the old folks home, where she gets put whenever my companion has to go out of town for any length of time. She is incontinent (not my companion) and her modesty is a concern because I have to attend to her hygienic needs so, we put her in the home until my companion returns. On a day to day basis, I can often take care of most of these things but not over the course of such a length of time. So, I have been visiting her each day, bringing her an ice cream and the daily paper, which she loves to read and visiting with her for a short time. She gets easily distracted these days and sometimes will just start reading the paper, while I am there and so I slip out and let her be.
There is this elderly man there, a short little fellow who does the Alzheimer’s Shuffle, all the day long. He moves around pretty quick, with his hands held in front of him. He’ll walk on to the deck, or into a room and then turn around and go the other way. He hasn’t paid a lick of attention to me in all this time but yesterday, he walked right up on me and held his palms together the way that Hindus do when they say “Namaste”. Then he walked away, then he came back and did it again and I put mine together and then he took my hands in his own and looked in my eyes and said, “You are radiant”. I know that he doesn’t speak English. I want to tell you, that shook me up. I was almost afraid when he came up to me both times. There was some kind of eerie force in the air and I didn’t know what to expect.
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