The Absurdity of the Male Sex Drive

David Richards – Sept 23, 2012

David Richards is a 24-year-old Englishman teaching in Mongolia.
The male sex drive is a maddening irritant that that has a widely disproportionate influence over the minds of men!
I was 13 years old when I first realized my sex drive was terrorizing me.  
Like all teenage boys, a combination of hormones made me obsessed with sex. This was exacerbated by the easy availability of pornographic images, which left me as frenzied as a kitten in a tray of catnip.
Left to my own devices, I might relieve myself 3-6 times a day. An orgasm was followed by a prolonged drowsiness that I found uncomfortable. I soon became irritated and bored by my addiction.
My sex drive was more suited to a bonobo monkey than a schoolboy. It was impossible to concentrate during math class with a dull ache in my loins for the entire hour. And at 13, there was no relief in sight – I was still a long way off from being sexually active!
Over a decade later, my sex drive has only dulled a little. I must still wrestle with it on a daily basis. 
Why does it need to be so fierce? I don’t need to father 100s of children.

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