BBC Promote Unheard-Of ‘Spoiler’ Party

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Sept 22, 2012

Why is the BBC starting to intensively promote a political party no one has even heard of………while many small parties with significant numbers of members get hardly any airtime at all?
The BBC News tonight (Saturday 22nd Sept) had a short news item reporting on the ‘English Democrats’ conference taking place near Leicester today.
The Guardian too has been covering the English Democrats. These people are, seemingly, a splinter group that has separated from UKIP.
UKIP, for those who might not know, have been stealing large numbers of votes from amongst disillusioned Tories, particularly, but also from the once-loved-but-now-viscerally-loathed Labour Party.
UKIP is seriously threatening the red-team-blue-team-yellow-team one-party-state status quo. Their leader, Nigel Farage, is making lots of fans by making speeches like this and this and this.
The BBC (i.e. the establishment) promotion of the ‘English Democrats’ is surely devised to split the UKIP vote and thus nullify demands that Mr Farage is making (from an increasing position of strength) that he would ‘do a deal’ with the Tories or Labour, provided he got a “cast iron guarantee” that a free and fair referendum of the British people would be held on our membership of the European Union.
Such a vote would present a serious threat to the international communist banking goal of eliminating nation states.
Therefore it appears that (apologies to any suicidalists who are honestly committed to this party):
The English Democratic Party are effectively working to destroy the chances of the very policies they promote.
The English Democrats are sponsored establishment poison.
Understand this and if you want us out of Europe there is only one party to vote for and it ain’t these witless wreckers.
The English Democrats will again be featured on ‘The Politics Show’ tomorrow.
BBC overlords divide-and-rule one more time (but it won’t be the last).

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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