Boris Berezovsky’s Other Friend

While much attention is being paid by the corporate media on Russian-Israeli criminal chieftain Boris Berezovsky (aka Platon Elenin) and his dubious involvement with the recently murdered former Russian FSB and KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, little attention is being paid to Berezovksy’s other business partner — Neil Bush, the brother of George W. Bush and Silverado Savings & Loan crook.

Berezovsky is a major investor in Ignite! — an educational software company. Berezovsky’s co-investors include Barbara and George H. W. Bush — Neil’s parents — Berezovsky’s business partner Badri Patarkatsishvili, a former Georgian Communist Komsomol youth leader, chairman of the Georgian Olympic Committee, media mogul, and major investor in soccer clubs in Britain, Georgia, and Brazil; Kuwaiti financier Mohammed al Saddah; and Chinese computer tycoon Winston Wong. Patarkatsishvili is also wanted by Russian authorities but his Georgian citizenship and citizenship rights in Israel have prevented his extradition.

Suspiciously, other investors in Ignite! hail from one of the notorious homes of secret corporations — the British Virgin Islands — and the always questionable Dubai and Russian-Israeli Mafia-connected Ukraine. Because of Neil Bush’s frequent trips to the Philippines and Taiwan to appear at events (between romps with Asian prostitutes) with Unification Church head Sun Myung Moon, there are rumors that Moon is also a silent partner in Ignite!

Neil Bush has been a business partner of Berezovsky — who is wanted for various crimes in Russia — since at least 2003. Neil Bush and the wanted Russian fugitive met in September 2005 in Riga, Latvia (where Neil’s brother met with NATO leaders recently and in a delusional state-of-mind yammered on about an “Al Qaeda” threat in Iraq and a booming economy (opium?) in Afghanistan. Neil was also seen in Berezovsky’s private box at a British soccer match.

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