Diana: More Evidence of a Cover-up?

Diana driver riddle solved
Peter Allen – Daily Express November 27, 2006

The suicide victim whose blood was mixed with samples taken from Princess Diana’s chauffeur has been identified.

The breakthrough, revealed last night, comes as scientists conclude that “numerous serious errors” occurred when they initially examined blood from driver Henri Paul.

These errors include the fact that Dominique Lecomte, the pathologist who conducted Paul’s post mortem examination, and Dr Gilbert Pepin, who tested his blood, continually misled examining magistrates.

Paul’s body was taken to a Paris morgue, where it was placed alongside at least 23 other corpses.

The Daily Express can reveal that investigators have now established the identity of all of them. But because of French privacy laws none of them, including the man whose blood was wrongly tested, can be revealed in public for 100 years.

However, what is certain is that it was this man’s blood – and not Paul’s – that was examined.

The investigators believe that his blood contained evidence to “prove” that Paul was more than three times over the limit.

All of the findings are in an interim report compiled by Paris lawyers.

Paul was the Ritz Hotel chauffeur who died alongside Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed when their Mercedes crashed in the French capital in August 1997.

Within a few hours of the crash the authorities claimed that Paul had been
drinking heavily, citing evidence provided by tests on blood samples. These results are now in serious dispute, however.
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Princes Diana – 17 traffic cameras stopped recording…
Meanwhile more anomolies and inconsistancies are emerging, all of which point to an assassination staged to look like an “accident”

1 / It should be noted that at 12 midnight, the 17 traffic cameras located inside the Point d’Alma tunnel ALL suddenly stopped recording images because the electricity supply in the tunnel mysteriously failed. In addition, none of the 10 other traffic cameras on the route from the Ritz to the Point d’Alma tunnel was working at the time of the crash. And yet a motorist was fined for speeding 15 minutes earlier based on video evidence from a speed camera near to the tunnel’s entrance. This is highly significant when you consider the fact that there has never been any other record of any sudden power failure at the tunnel at any other time before or after the crash.

2/ Bernard Dartevelle, the attorney for the Ritz Hotel, said that he had been shown copies of two photographs confiscated by French police, that showed driver Henri Paul blinded by a bright flash of light. Dartevelle described the two pictures: “One sees very distinctly the driver dazzled by a flash. One sees very distinctly the bodyguard at his side, who with a brisk gesture lowers the visor to protect himself from the flash, and one sees very distinctly Princess Diana turning to look behind the vehicle, and one sees very distinctly the yellow headlight of a motorcycle.” Why did Diana’s bodyguard, Rees-Jones, protect his eyes from the bright flash when the other three didn’t? Did Rees-Jones realise that it was a strobe gun? He would certainly have had experience in using them during his army career

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