Media Gloats Over Decline of the Family

By Henry Makow Ph.D. – September 21, 2012

When passenger trains collide, you don’t see the mass media doing high-fives.
When unemployment soars, the media will still adopt a somber tone.
When hurricanes wreak havoc, the presstitutes still know up from down. It is not good.
So when the 2011 Canadian census shows marriage and family in decline, why is the media positively giddy?
 “The Canadian Family is in Transition” the headlines boast. “Blended Families becoming the national norm.” “Same-sex unions the fastest group of married couples.” “Childless Couples Outnumber Families.” (taken from Ottawa Citizen  Sept 20, pp. A2-A3)
Something that should cause alarm is unanimously welcomed as progress. Why? 
“Traditional nuclear families—married couples with children now make up less than a third of families, 31.9%,” one reporter crowed. “That’s well down from 37.4% in the 2001 census.”
 “Social conservatism is dead!” he said.
What did the nuclear family do to earn such contempt?

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