British Police Find Traces of Radiation in Berezovsky’s London Office

British police investigating the death of former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko have said traces of a deadly radioactive substance had been found at the offices of self-exiled Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, the DPA news agency reports.

Traces of radiation have been found at several more sites in London, British Home Secretary John Reid said on Monday.

Besides Alexander Litvinenko’s home and a hotel and restaurant he visited on the day he fell ill with radiation poisoning, “several other premises” also have the indications of radiation. But Reid didn’t give the names of the places and said there was no need for public alarm.

Litvinenko’s friend, Alexander Goldfarb, however, told Sky News television that they included the offices of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky — Litvinenko’s friend and patron and a bitter critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Another address was the offices of Erinys, a security and risk management company, the firm confirmed in a statement.

Erinys said it had received a visit from Litvinenko “on a matter totally unrelated to issues now being investigated by the police.” It did not specify the date of the visit.

Police said both addresses were in the exclusive Mayfair district in London’s West End.

Health officials have said Polonium 210 is dangerous only if it is swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through a wound.

Reid’s comments deepened the mystery over how and where Litvinenko ingested the poison.