Voice of the White House November 26, 2006

I have been talking about our imminent plans to institute a putsch in Baghdad, oust and “permanently remove” the current Iraqi government and replace it with a well-known Sunni general officer.

The CIA has been fomenting this for the past three months, on Bush’s orders, because he views the current government as “not responsive” to his views and, worse, in collusion with elements in Iraq that are hostile to the United States.

They are laying the groundwork here in Washington to prepare the PR way for this “urgent change of government,” and the chinless geeks in the Pentagon’s Public Relations division have sent out helpful directives to the captive press indicating the necessity for this radical change.

The new general, whose name I know and will publish, has agreed to “materially aid” American interests on the condition that he and his claque be allowed to govern without interference and who is certainly expected to slaughter all the Shiites in Iraq or drive them into Iran.

This, too, is a policy formulated by both Bush and Cheney. The Sunnis were always cozy with the U.S. government, back when the CIA hired Saddam to attack Iran and God alone know how much U.S, taxpayer’s money found its way into his pocket.

The CIA encouraged Saddam to use nerve gas on the Iranian military units, even supplying him with a good deal of it…which he did not use on the Iranians but did use on the rebellious Kurds.

If Saddam had been smart, he would have exposed the CIA and the DoS plus Bush Senior years ago. George Jr. doesn’t want to “establish Western Democracy” Iraq. He and his Zionist Neocon friends wanted to grab all their oil and use the country as a permanent military base in the Near East so as to be able to work with Israel in terrorizing other Arab countries and be able to launch attacks on any one of them that crossed their paths.

Now, I laugh to read that Cheney is being nice to the Saud Royal Family at the very same time the CIA is supporting yet another coup d’Etat in Saudi Arabia to replace the corrupt Saud dynasty with Waahibists.

One would think that this would be an act of rank idiocy because the latter are fanatic fundamentalists but then no one ever accused the CIA of having any more collective and working brains than a dead turtle.

Of course we won’t get any more oil from Saudi Arabia if there is a régime change but the oil is running out there and no one wants to talk about it.

The new Democratic rulers are still involved with pork issues but not like the thieving Republicans who actually chased the lobbyists around on K Street, offering their decaying and sagging bodies for sale for the price of a good dinner at the Jockey Club. And if the Democrats are fuzzy and liberal, at least they are not murderous ideologues who start wars, steal everything but a hot stove, slaughter legions of young Americans and even larger numbers of unarmed civilians like Josef Stalin in his glory days.

Or Saddam Hussein with his CIA nerve gas.”

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