Israel Urges US to Attack Iraq: “Sooner, Rather than Later”

Sharon’s advisor: Urges US to accelerate aggression on Iraq, says postponement bad for Israel
Occupied Jerusalem: 18 January, 2003 (IAP News)

A former Israeli ambassador to Washington who is now advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has urged the Israeli government to step up pressure on the Bush Administration to accelerate the war on Iraq.

Zalman Shuval said in an article in the Hebrew newspaper Yedeot Ahranot, published Thursday 16 January, that Israel should make behind-the-scene efforts to get the American administration to attack Iraq “sooner rather than later.”

Shuval argued that postponing or delaying the war, let alone cancelling it, would have “very negative consequences” on Israel.

He suggested that in case the United States doesn’t launch the war on Iraq in the near future, opposition to the war will gather momentum and the US will come under pressure to pressurize Israel.

Shuval argued that while Israel shouldn’t brazenly appear as pushing the Bush Administration to attack Iraq, the Jewish state should never ignore or be oblivious to the risks of a postponed war on Iraq.

Israel calculates that a devastating American war on Iraq would break the collective spirit of the Arab world, including the Palestinian people, and enable Israel and the United States to imposed a capitulation on the Palestinians or, worse, effect an ethnic cleansing against hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

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