Racial murders: nearly half the victims are white

Last month the <>Observer newspaper reported<> http://observer.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,1928559,00.html<> that nearly half of all victims of racially motivated murders in the UK have been white. This was according to official figures released by the Home Office.

The data, released under Freedom of Information legislation, shows that between 1995 and 2004 there have been 58 murders in the UK where the police considered race a key factor. Out of these, 24 have been where the murder victim was white, although don’t expect the mainstream media to make too much of this fact.

Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable of Cheshire and a spokesman on race issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said it was a fact that it was harder to get the media interested where murder victims were young white men.

‘The political correctness and reluctance to discuss these things absolutely does play a factor”, he said. “A lot of police officers and other professions feel almost the best thing to do is try and avoid it for fear of being criticised.”

In other words olice officers would clampdown on their subordinates, and remember most senior police officers in Britain are Freemasons and their promotion within the force depends on a large extent on their adherence to the dictates of senior masons.

‘The difficulty in the police service is that the whole thing is being closed down”, Chief Constable Fahy continued, “because we are all afraid of discussing any of it in case we say the wrong thing – and that is not healthy.

‘These latest official figures give the most complete picture of racially motivated murders in the UK there are a lot of young white working-class lads, particularly on the more difficult estates, who are hugely alienated. Yet very little attention is given to that”.

Of course if the victim is white very little political capitol can be extracted from this fact.

However, if the victim is not white the crime will receive maximum media attention, as was the case with Stephan Lawrence. Even though, as this website has previously pointed out, Lawrence’s murder was not primarily racially motivated.

In contrast, if the victim is white the crime receives minimal attention. So naturally one has to ask: why this disparity in coverage?

We would suggest that the Illuminati, through their underlings in the mainstream media, are trying to induce a sense of guilt, one might even say a sense of shame in white racial identity, which will then be manipulated to full advantage.

Time and again, racially motivated attacks on whites are given minimal media coverage while the converse is true for racially motivated attacks on blacks.

So the real criminals here are the mainstream media who consistently distort racially motivated attacks for the benefit of the Illuminati.