Jewish Prof Sues Organized Jewry

Distinguished York University professor David F. Noble, 61, Tuesday launched a $25 million suit against various Jewish organizations for defamation for labeling him an “anti Semite.”

Defendants include the private corporate entity York University Foundation, pro-Israel lobbying and fundraising organizations Hillel of Greater Toronto, the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto, and the Canadian Jewish Congress, Ontario, and their agents.

They are accused of trying to intimate Noble because of his critical investigation into external influences on Canada’s third-largest public university. In 2004, he distributed a short report entitled “The Tail that Wags the Dog” which showed the connections between members of the York Foundation, a fundraising body, and pro-Israel lobbyists.

As a result Jewish student activists red flagged him for implying “Jews controlled York University” and singling out fundraisers by their racial identity.

Nobel replies: “the flyer is in no way anti-Semitic, but simply sets out the factual and organizational nexus amongst influential corporate benefactors of York University including persons who are active in the pro-Israeli lobby. Most of this information is listed on York University’s own website.”

Summarizing the significance of this lawsuit, professor Noble stated: “In an effort to suppress my inquiries, publicly destroy my reputation, and isolate me from my peers, the defendants launched the most vile kind of personal attack – attempting to stigmatize a Jewish man as an anti-Semite – because I dared examine and expose their pernicious activities. These rich and powerful people pretend to be friends of higher learning but are in fact its worst enemies. They think they have bought themselves a university. They haven’t.”

Noble, an expert in the History of Technology, says he has lost family in the Holocaust and finds the charge of “anti Semitism” both “hurtful and offensive.”

Earlier this year a Jewish York University grad student was suspended for three years for protesting the death of Rachel Corrie. He has sued the university for $850.000.