Voice of the White November 24, 2006

“Now that Bush has had his cohones handed to him in a paper bag, the new Congress is having nothing to do with the New Fascism that Rove started six years ago. Congress is not going to approve the rightwing nuts Bush wants to be Federal Judges. Congress is not going to approve the abrasive boor, Bolton, as the U.S. Ambassador to the UN. Congress is not going to pass the telephone tapping bill that has a built in pass for George so he can avoid criminal prosecution. And what is Bush doing now to teach the American people a lesson? George is going to ship the whole National Guard, and probably the Boy Scouts, to Iraq where they will make a dramatic “final push” to crush the Iraqi resistance. What a brilliant idea! All that will result from this moronic behavior is that the manufacturers of military coffins and rubber body bags will reap the profits of this lunatic’s Messianic complex. At the same time this is being planned, the CIA is very actively laying the groundwork to topple the current Iraqi government, exterminate it and replace it with a militant ( and, hopefully, obedient) Sunni general.

In short, our feeble-minded fascists want to bring back the spirit, if not the person, of Hussein. This, of course, will only increase the terrible civil war now in full swing there, enrage the Iranians who are Shiite and will immediately raise terrible hell in Iraq but Bush only wants a glorified reason to pull out and still save his face (as if he had any left.) Maybe in my next posting, I will name names in Iraq (who is what and how much money goes to the next head of state) because a copy of this idiot plan is circulating around the White House and many have seen it. When the wrath of the Lame Duck descends upon us all, there will be so many suspects, Bush will break down and cry.”

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