Buggerland Heaven, with a Side of Kiddie Porn

Smoking Mirrors – September 17, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today and Tomorrow, which never comes, will turn into Today at some point but one of these days, the same old same old, will no longer be in effect. One of these, soon to be upcoming days, the world is going to stand on its head, of it’s own accord, while certain deserving, longtime coming, gone dead train, cardboard cutouts, will fall on their sword. They will lubricate the Earth with their poisoned blood and the Earth will open up and swallow them into the bottomless pit. They are not worth shit in their present condition and even less than the going rate of their combined elements on the open market. Where they came from no one has said. What were they doing before they arrived? Had they previously been performing as Gadarene Swine?
Seven billion people on the planet these days. People coming in here from anywhere and everywhere. There must be something important on the calendar but it’s very hard to see, whatever it may be. It must really be important. Meanwhile, the noise and confusion factor is very high. We wish more people were but they’re putting the wrong things in the water supply.
Giant monsters are making the Earth shake, as they march across the landscape. They are corporations with personhood. They may have personhood but there is nothing human about them. The enemies of humanity, are full tilt manifesting, balls to the wall. The deadly tag team of Khazars and corporations are head-stomping the human race. They are killing without conscience. They are twisting and misshaping the perspectives. Then you get to the last line of the story and you see what’s really up. It’s day in and day out, the media rooting with it’s pig snout, into the murk and the shit they constructed out of it.
It’s not just the bodies that are being violated, in the kill zones of the world, it’s human dignity that’s on the chopping block. The biggest driving motives of the entertainment world are to shit-can self respect, to make us look like clowns, to humiliate humanity and drag the spirit down. They turn the mind against the heart and the heart against the mind. It’s a never ending clusterfuck in The Kingdom of the Blind. It’s a world of walking wounded who doesn’t like themselves. The television made them into bimbos. The television made them into whores. The television made violence an art form, with photography by Robert Mapplethorpe.
They’ve stripped away the dignity. They turned us into clowns and we laugh at each other and they urge us on. That’s not so hard to do when your dignity is gone. No discipline in the child, no respect for the old. If you’re not part of the Pepsi Generation then you’re out in the cold. When the window of beauty closes, when your life shows on your face, all those miles of ugly highway that no science can erase. You were pretty a few years ago. You were handsome yesterday. Now your clown makeup is running and your dignities in the grave. It’s a major loss is what it is, though people may not recognize the fact. When your dignity departs you are turned into a beast. Slander travels like a plague. Treachery abounds. Indifference is epidemic, everyone has PTS. The monsters know what they’re about. It’s a calculated thing. They’re sexing up the children for the pedophiles in power. The depravity of the times is Daddy Bush’s finest hour. What hungry ghosts must be walking in Kennebunkport? Are there shallow graves in Paraguay? A ghost armada of violated boys, does the Franklin Scandal Shuffle through the White House in the early hours. Did Bush do them in the Lincoln bedroom? Does Barbara like to watch?
What about Obama and Hoo-Rahm Emanuel (Holy flying Batshit Robin! Fully read this article)? Six degrees of separation and you see the blackmail express train, roaring down that ten degree grade, if all you got plastic fruit, you can’t make lemonade and The Feds will shut down your lemonade stand cause Sunkist don’t want you on their street. This is where the rubber meets the road and the meat meets the meat. Have another order or that steak tartare, pilgrim.
Yes, it’s decadence in and decadence out. In and out, oh yeah, in and out, in and out! Faster and taster as time speeds up. They’re going to bomb Dresden and kill the krauts. History is one, long, agonizing, fucking lie. “Hey Joe, you got gum? I do you long time. I do you one, long time, lie. So Rome was Buggerland Heaven and Rome went down in tears and flames and lead in the viaducts too. They were over-extended across the known globe. They were cruel with the bread and the circuses were sick and it’s clowns once again, ♫send in the clowns, don’t bother they’re queer♫ Oops, not politically correct again, no offense intended, minding all the offenses committed against me and my friends but… who are my friends? Who are my friends? Nobody knows who anyone is, ♫nobody knows the trubble I seen♫ The primary deception; things are not what they seem.
If we know what we know, as little as that may be; what do we not know and how deep is the lake? How swift is the river of darkness? How high is the sky? How green is the grass? Should I take out an ad and Photoshop my ass? When your dignities gone, then you have no class. Brutal is easy and behavior is crass. I want the wind at my back and the sun on my face and somewhere a doorway going out of this place.
The corruption is amazing. They must import it, because all of what is domestically made, is still not enough to account for this scene. Go ahead, kneel before it and pass the Vaseline. Is this all we get? Tell me it’s not so. I will not accept it. There must be some way that we come out of the Shit World and into the light. I will not give up, all things must come right. I keep thinking, “in the twinkling of an eye”. I keep thinking, “in the given moment”. I keep thinking, “it’s always darkest before the dawn”. I keep thinking. I keep trying. I know some of you are trying too. It’s keeps my faith up, knowing you are out there, knowing that many a small kindness and unseen act of courage goes on every day. My glass is half full and the world is more than half empty. Even though I can’t see you, I can feel you there. I can feel your hand on my shoulder. I can feel the weight of you too and it’s never too heavy. I suspect that one’s capacity to continue, is enhanced by lifting up another, even though physics argues against that. Sometimes science is less than the sum of it’s parts.
♫I got many rivers to cross but I fucking A will, find my way over♫
It cannot end like this. It cannot be so lame and banal in the end. It cannot end with a whimper. This must be the most powerful and tedious of deceptions, that things are what they appear. For centuries, the wise have reminded us, that all is not what it seems and that appearances are deceiving. We have to remember that. As tough and as ugly as it sometimes seems, we have to remember that. Minds far wiser than my own have said these things. Minds separated by great distance and spaces of time larger than lifetimes, have said these things and they stand as evidence, like all of those pyramids in lost cultures who had no contact with each other. Evidence stands of certain comparative truths, of eerie similarity, where no contact occurred between them. Evidence stands, of examples of the human spirit, in times of dire necessity, where all hope seemed lost, where cowards and craven creatures, held sway over collective destiny and where dignity had not died, but still remained in the hearts of some who awaited the headsman’s ax, or simply waited, in continuing confinement, without knowing what might come next. Bahá’u’lláh knew all about that. Mandela knows all about that. Ezra Pound knew all about that. Richard Lovelace knew what that was about. So many souls have known what that was about and they let their little light shine. Even if their cell was a bushel of it’s own, they carried on through. They held their mud. They understood about “a failure to communicate” and getting their mind right. There are some things you can’t kill. There are just some things you cannot kill and one of them is the human spirit against all odds, cue Phil Collins. Cue the wind and the rain. Cue the blessed sunlight and the hope that springs eternal. Cue whatever it takes. Cue the singing heart that will not be silenced. Cue the triumph of the shining mind in darkness. Cue what you need and leave the rest. It is when we are serving others, that we serve our own selves best.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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