Are False Flag Attacks About to be Launched on US Carriers in the Gulf?

(I’m forwarding on to you, my friend, important information which follows this e-mail. I have investigated and find it to be accurate.)

It is urgent that each of us understand what may be about to transpire:

(1) Israel’s Air Force and Navy armed with missiles and munitions provided to them by the U.S.A., will attack and severely damage one of our U.S. carriers, killing many of our servicemen.

(2) The savage attack will be blamed on Iran and its Prime Minister Ahmadinejad.

(3) The U.S. will launch massive air counterstrikes and naval bombardments at Iran, targeting that nation’s entire military-economic infrastructure.

(4) The U.S. and Israel will simultaneously execute a media propaganda blitz to persuade the U.S. populace and the world that Iran is an aggressor, that Ahmadinejad is another Hitler, and that the U.S. military actions were simply counter-retaliation for Iran’s “Pearl Harbor-like” assault on a U.S.A. vessel.

(5) End Result: Many American servicemen slain and wounded, tens of thousands of Iranians dead, Iran’s economy spoiled, and Israel on top, oil prices skyrocket once again.

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert is, at this moment, here in the U.S.A. on a 5-day visit, meeting with Bush White House officials, and with high-level Jewish Illuminati. Could it be that this Iran war scenario is at the top of their agenda?

Meanwhile, President Bush is now off on an extended jaunt to Asia and Europe. According to press reports, he stopped off in Moscow to meet with Russia’s President Putin. In Europe, Bush will confer with NATO leaders. Again, we see the handwriting on the wall. They’re getting their ducks all in a row to terminate Iran as a potential counter to Israel.

Believe me, the Pelosi-Reid-Clinton-Schumer Congress will not object. I suspect they have already been briefed on what is to come. All but a handful of our nation’s elected representatives are in the pocket of AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby.

The goal, of course, is complete Israeli hegemony over the Middle East and its rich stores of oil. To that traitorous end, countless young men and women of our Armed Forces will shed blood, not to mention the blood being spilled already in Lebanon, Gaza, and Iraq by innocent Arabs, most of whom long for peace and survival.

Friend, never forget that single-minded goal of the traitors: Israeli hegemony and superiority in the Middle East, guaranteed by U.S. military and diplomatic dominance, insuring the world’s principal source of oil be possessed by Zionist-owned oil corporations.

That, and that alone, is what is fueling and driving the Bush Administration’s insane, misnamed, “War on Terrorism.”

For The Sake of Truth, Your Friend,

Texe Marrs


Since early November there have been not one or two but four US carries in the Persian Gulf: the USS Enterprise, the USS Eisenhower, the USS Boxer and the USS Iwo Jima. What exactly are four US battle carriers doing in such a relatively confined part of the world’s waterways? Are they being set-up for a false flag attack to pave the way for an all-out US strike on Iran?

Quite honestly this website does not know but it’s important that readers be informed of these facts to draw their own conclusions. Ed.