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Visible Origami – September 16, 2012

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Much of the time, people don’t know what to do when it come to aiding themselves in the process of self realization. Some people meditate but what are they meditating on? Everyone meditates in one fashion or another, even if they don’t think they do. A lot of that is known as negative meditation. Manly Palmer Hall wrote a little booklet about this. I do not remember the name of it (grin). Some people chant but what is in their mind as they are chanting. What is the focus of their chant and is it consistent? Some people pray but what is the level of determined result? What is the mindset concerning the realization of the request or intention? Pretty much all of the time, successful result of spiritual practice, is dependent on secondary factors inside of the primary methodology. Ignoring or being unaware of this, is the cause of failure or inconsistent outcome in so many cases.

When it comes to meditation, there are few people that can gain positive result from eccentric or self styled performance. It is best to operate in a system and there are some good ones out there. What you have to discover is what group out of the human collective you are representative of. Let us think of the Atman as the white light. Let us think of the world as a prism. This means the world as a metaphysical construct, as well as in the traditional sense. Let us think of each member of the human race as being resident on one of seven rays that come out of the prism. Surely there is a better way to illustrate what I am talking about but the important thing is whether you get the point of my intentions.

Recognizing your ray, grants you access to the systems and conditions that relate to you. This is not to say that there is no value for you in the contents and potentials of another ray. This is only to say that a greater ease of passage exists for you in your own ray; by example, certain musical instruments might be more relevant to the ray you are on, more so than another. One might be guitar and one might be piano and some people can play both of them very well. Though this might be the case when talking about musical instruments, it might not be the same with spiritual practices and, then again, it might. I’m not seeking to be confusing, even if I accomplish it. I’m trying to paint a picture and I hope when I am done here, you will be able to see what is in the picture. We’ll be talking about pictures in a bit.

Some people have problems with Alice Bailey, Lucius Trust, well, just about any name you hear, there are people who denounce them and try to associate them with negative or infernal sources. These last years, I have heard people condemn Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, I suspect that you can’t mention anyone these days, where someone doesn’t have something bad to say about them. I have mentioned my position on Masons, Rosicrucians and other organizations. What I had to say is that this is Kali Yuga and any organization can be compromised. There is also an invisible and visible side to any esoteric organization and there could well be something different going on with either or any of them. The conclusion I came to was that not all Masons are bad people. No doubt there are a good number who are corrupt but they are not all bad. The result of my saying this was that some people completely ignored the clear and direct way I said this and determined that I am a Mason, or that I am compromised in some way because I want to be fair. It is the same thing when I get after the Khazars for their heinous behavior around the globe. Anonymous tries to paint me as hating everyone from that sector. On the other hand, radicals see me as an apologist for that sector. I’m just trying to be fair and reasonable but these are not times where that perspective is going to be completely accepted.

What I have just said, relates to what is under discussion here. If you are not honest with yourself about both important and seemingly less important things, you’ll retard your ability to progress spiritually. People don’t say what they mean a lot of the time because of the resultant controversy. Within your families and social networks that includes friends, associates, fellow employees in the workplace, there are all kinds of situations, where you can tell the truth and catch a whole lot of shit. People shut down. Next thing you know, they’re text messaging junkies, with earpods affixed throughout the day and their legs crossed with the top leg bouncing on the bottom one. Not saying things, when they need to be said, can be just as bad as saying them. It’s kind of like damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Sometimes it has nothing to do with anything. This morning, an anonymous came in to harangue me about the Kirsten Stewart posting but it had nothing to do with that. It had to do with trying to impact on my self image. He was railing on about my picking on Kirsten Stewart when, as everyone knows, I was defending her. If you’re going to harangue someone you should at least have your facts straight. This kind of thing is the rule usually around her, not the exception. It is generally the case all over the place because the foundation of wisdom is, “I don’t know”. Not having this as a visceral awareness, compromises your existence all up and down the road until you do.

Engaging in meditation, chanting, prayer and the like, without knowing that you do not know, puts what you think you know, between you and the one who does know, as a curtain of obscuration. Within us, is the setting for two hierarchies and because it is Kali Yuga, one is the more likely event than the other and that one can look very much like the other one, given that the mind plays tricks on itself, because it lies to itself and becomes your worst enemy, instead of your very best friend (the fundamentalist Christian Zionists are an example of this and so are the Wahabi Muslims). It is to counteract this condition that The Tarot and things like Yantras and Mandalas came into being. The I Ching came into existence for this. Let us consider The Tarot, which is customarily debased as a fortune telling device and which only the rare bird can effectively use in this manner. The Tarot was designed to awaken the archetypes in your being. What is the point of telling the future, when you can change the future?

Resident within us, are all of the qualities and powers of the divine; awarenesses and states of being exist in potential form. Meditation upon a true esoteric major arcana, vibrates into the area where any particular archetype is resident. Eliphas Levi says “As an erudite book, all combinations of which reveal the harmonies preexisting between signs and numbers, the practical value of the tarot, is truly and above all, marvelous”. He also said, “A prisoner, devoid of books, had he only a tarot of which he knew how to make use, could in a few years acquire a universal science and converse with an unequaled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence”. I studied with it for years and I attribute whatever small abilities I possess to this study.

Paramahansa Yogananda developed a system of meditation based on Kriya Yoga. There is an extensive course available through The Self Realization Fellowship that can take some years to complete. I highly recommend it. There is a course on Tarot taught by Paul Foster Case and Ann Davis from The Builders of the Adytum. I highly recommend it. It’s a good idea to find one particular system and stick with it. These days there is an epidemic of dabblers. They flit from one thing to another, never staying long enough to get the value of any of them and many of them are without value, except for superficial feel goodness. They are expressions of the pop psych systems, where you go to three weekend seminars and then a four day intensive, after which you are called a master and you get a certificate that says that. This doesn’t work long term so, it’s off to the next seminar. The new age community is rife with this. Then you’ve got the Tantric Yoga teachers, many of them are German for some reason and they purport to teach people a system that is the most complex of them all, in a very short time. In the back of people’s minds, they are going to get laid and be great lovers. Being able to get laid is a marvelous mechanism for enhancing one’s sense of self worth but… you could be having sex with the divine.

This is the thing. There are all sorts of items available in this world and they are highly prized and greatly desired by the majority of the inhabitants here. They will do anything to possess some of them. They will kill and steal and lie, without reserve, to accomplish the acquisition. Meanwhile, there are the things of the spirit and they are of so much greater value than the things of the world that the comparison is probably impossible to measure. You have to make something the centerpiece of your life. There has to be a framework of practice and belief that guides your existence, or you are a pinball. You wind up spending your time in the shit happens zone and it happens to you. It happens to you to spur you in the direction of developing a framework of practice and belief. You will be pounded and pummeled until you do. Worst case scenario, you are not troubled at all and are allowed to prosper in your selfish behavior, until death and worse comes to call; “Those whom the lord loves, he chastens”.

We’re trying here. “We’re shaking it here, Boss”. You have to find the coattails and you have to hang on for dear life and beyond the charade that we call life. You have to catch those coattails somewhere and never let go. The good news is that the one with those coattails, is looking for you more intensely than you are looking for the one with the coattails. Why is it so damned difficult then? Ah, that’s a mystery but it has something to do with making life the epic drama that it is. God loves a good movie and it is playing now, in a theater of existence near you, that includes you.

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