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Reflections in a Petri Dish – September 15, 2012

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I have rarely seen an article with more misspellings and other errors than in this one. There was a guy in the Lone Star State who was pretty bad about this and also didn’t want to hear about it but I haven’t come across him in awhile. It almost looks like some dysfunctional machine wrote this article but what do I know? I include it anyway, because it strikes at the point of this whole charade about a film that doesn’t exist and all the reactive chaos that has ensued.
One glaring and obvious conclusion we can draw from all of this, is that they are setting the stage for a large false flag, to accomplish their intent to attack Iran. We know the prime mover behind it all is Israel and their dual national neo-cons who, as agents of an enduring darkness that is the signature malefic of these unfortunate times, have spread strife and discord around the globe. These things are indisputable and yet they do not register as what they are. It is the prevailing willful ignorance of the greater mass, that permits this ugly war against the greater mass, to continue.
We don’t need to go into the details. We don’t need to hear arguments, pro or con. We don’t need more evidence that confirms or denies any of this. We know who is responsible and we can only hope that Mr. Apocalypse will intensify his efforts to bring an awakening to those who seem determined to remain asleep.
How do they come to be so asleep? There are a combination of reasons; intentional programming to that end is a factor and that includes the educational system, the news media, the entertainment complexes, the epidemic of appetites, the trivialization of existence, the fear of being noticed. Fear is a big part of it. Fear can make you want to crawl under your bed and fear can make you stay asleep. Waking up is a frightening thing. You not only learn things about the world around you, you learn things about yourselves. It’s like coming up against a test in your existence, one of those pass, fail tests where you are required to demonstrate a certain amount of courage or you are unable to. It sticks with you, these episodes. These episodes define you.
It’s like seeking a higher truth. What’s going to happen is that you are going to have to adjust to what you discover. You are going to have to continue to adjust and it is going to require everything, in order to continue. A lot of people have set out on this road for varying periods of time and found it to be too much for them. They make excuses then. They say there’s nothing out there, or in there, because they looked. They come up with excuses, based on things they have to accomplish, that are necessary for some reason or another. If they are geared toward certain professions then they are not going to inquire in any case, because the truth and the pursuit of the truth, is not a part of what they do. You might say that lawyers deal with the truth. They present the truth in defense, or prosecution, of someone …but we have seen how many angles there are to all of this. We’ve seen the manufacture and suppression of evidence over and over again. We’ve seen the courts turned into circuses of absurdity. We’ve seen the judges, who were appointed for no other reason, than to serve the agendas of those who appointed them. This accounts for The Supreme Court and their conferring personhood on corporations. The simplest definition of fascism, is when corporations control the government. We see this in the defense and support that Monsanto receives in its demonic assault on all that is normal and natural. Monsanto truly is ‘my Satan’. Some things are glaringly apparent to those who have mustered the courage to see things as they are.
Many people actually see what is going on, to some degree, but they disguise what they see in order to go on as they do. They’ve got all kinds of defenses for this. It’s in defense of their children, while their children are being taken from them. It is in defense of their livelihood, while their livelihood is being taken from them. It is in defense of their country, while their country is being taken from them. It is in defense of all kinds of things, that are being taken from them. So, it is all bullshit and it is a tragedy of great proportions, as so many people willingly assist in their own destruction, lying to themselves about motives, intentions and objectives.
Survival in this world depends on your capacity to tell and believe lies, while at the same time they condemn you to execution by sundry means. In other words, you survive for awhile, as half a person, or some percentage of a human being, until one deception or another kills you. These deceptions have become the very basis of governments and religions. After a time, governments and religions become like living things and think to ensure their survival by resisting change, when change is the cornerstone of existence. By imperative right of this truth, they are doomed and they will fall and pass away sooner or later.
An age is passing and a new age is coming. This is a universal constant. By comparison with a human life, an age is a long time, so the transition period can be extensive. Time passes and you don’t see anything dramatic but that is a deception because, at a certain point, things begin to steamroll and we are all caught up in the events of our time, unless we have the good fortune to be set apart from them, by the fortunes of geography, or a rare state of being that grants us a favorable disposition of destiny.
The most difficult thing we come up against are appearances. They can be overwhelming and they can be intimidating, like the sudden appearance of a police state, that was engineered by the state, in order to insure it’s continuance, because the state had gotten up to no good and it didn’t want interference on the part of it’s citizens, in respect of the distribution of wealth, or the setting of policies of restraint, when things like war are such profitable enterprises. Of course, individual rights had to go down the drain, because individual rights interfere with corporate rights and government excesses. Religions and charities become part of the engines of oppression because they have that tax free status. Ostensibly they are in existence to minister to the bodies and souls of the congregation and the needy but really, they are about making a lot of money and not having to account for it. A large proportion of the big charities are nothing more than scams. So many things are not what they are supposed to be, simply setting themselves up to appear to be something they are not because there is money in it.
It’s hard to take all of this. In the meantime, one’s ability to make a living is threatened. Their mobility is compromised. Their freedom of personal expression is curtailed. Their right to hold diverse opinions and live, without excessive government interference, melts away. When you lose these things, you also lose your drive, your hope and faith. These things diminish us. They invite despair, while shackling us with a sense of helplessness.
Some of us know that all of this is passing, even if we are passing with it too. Some of us know that there is more to it all and more to us too but so many of us are confused, or brain deep in our appetites and meaningless desires. The world generates endless looping reels of things to want and to chase after. It’s a monster Shake n Bake machine. It keeps pumping out the product. There are only a few things worth having and having them makes it possible to enjoy everything else in some meaningful way, even if it’s a detachment from it, while engaging in it.
Most of life and your ability to get anything out of it depends on what you rely on. I rely on something that guides and informs me. If you don’t have that then you are making your way lacking certain essentials. This eventually leads into some kind of cul de sac, some kind of detention area of the mind,the heart and the spirit.
WTF? We’ll see. You can depend on that. You can come into the understanding of things by the willful pursuit of them or you can be dragged screaming into the presence of it. It’s hard to accept that you are only here to be tried and tested and that the whole quality of your life depends on how you meet these things and what you take away from them when… when you are a junkie consumer of the objects of sensation. These points have been made over the centuries by many different individuals, in all sorts of ways. Some have made these points in statements of belief and through inquiry, presented in words for those who have an interest. In some cases they are life statements that stand as particular evidence of something.
One day follows another and on we go. What does it all mean? I expect we are going to find that out at some point.
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