RC Church Couldn’t Help this Homosexual

John Blair Lynn – henrymakow.com Sept 14, 2012

I am a 48 year old homosexual man who lives in Washington, DC.  In March, I became depressed over my homosexuality and contacted St. Matthews Cathedral. (right)
The Rector was a quiet and saintly man around age 70, tranquil blue eyes, wore wire glasses, and kept his index finger pointed to his lower lip the whole time we talked. He said the church had a support group for struggling Catholic youth, and that I would be welcome.  I had hoped to meet men my own age who had sought help from the Church.
I decided to contact a priest at St. Matthew’s to try to get some help.
I wrote a long letter to a priest that I selected at random from the Church website.  I must admit that I had fears about seeking out the Catholic Church because in the past I had encountered homosexual priests while attending Mass.
He was a young man whose inexperience shown in his eyes, he was a former rock musician, and had studied  architecture, and was very good at passing down the church’s rules which he repeated by rote.  When I met him I was relieved to find out he was straight.

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