Riding a Water Buffalo into Parts Unknown

Smoking Mirrors – September 14, 2012

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I’m not fan of violence. In my own case, it has happened, on those rare occasions, when all other avenues fail. For some people, violence is the whole point. A lot of articles are coming out, which also are there for one point only; to put the blame for the film on radical Christians, or someone, anyone, who is not the Israelis. The large majority of all violence in the Middle East, is either performed by, instigated by, or the result, or reaction, to something and the author is the Israelis. Their reasons are varied. Probably not usually considered, when making this kind of analysis, is that the Israelis, pure and simple, like acting out violently, against anyone who comes up in the cross-hairs. They like doing that. They get off on it. It makes them hard, probably because deep inside they are not as hard as they think they are. They do it also as a pretext for land theft and geopolitical advantage. They do it for gain, whatever the permutation may be. Israel is one of the control centers of a central banking empire. London and New York, possibly other places, are also this. All over the world, feckless men and women have sold out their integrity to dance on the strings being pulled by this group of people. Sometimes it is effected by blackmail or threats.
Files have gone missing from the Libyan consulate. All over the world, Mr. Apocalypse is walking the talk. Who told the radicals where the ambassador would be? Is this just one more part of the unveiling, or is someone shooting themselves in the foot? Both of these things will continue apace because evil always destroys itself. It is a universal constant. The Apocalypse is also a universal constant. Life is scripted in certain of its manifest parts and unscripted in others. People don’t like to look at the Karma end of things because they all have Karma. That’s why they are here. There are some who have come to help but they do not have the questions and uncertainties of the rest. Certain awarenesses can only be acquired in certain ways and in certain states. On rare occasions they are conferred for very good reasons, especially in times like this.
The state of the times, exists for the purpose of tarnishing us in our own minds, about ourselves so that we will not, or cannot, take advantage of the singular opportunities, that only come into their potential in times like these, at the conclusion of a 26,000 thousand year cycle.
There is a dreadful fatigue, a weltschmerz, an ennui that is resident in so many places in the world. As a counterpart, there is the fascination with things, women and men as sex ‘objects'; an obsession with all of the superficial characteristics of everything. We’re showing our colors on every level. Casual violence and violence, as a convenient and expressed solution to any and all problems is epidemic. It’s glorified in our movies, celebrated in what attempts to pass for our music; the thug life soundtrack and makes up the majority of the gamer world, that also translates into the drone murders that are taking place in so many parts of the Muslim world, at the command of the Zionist ownership of the late, great, American state, founded on violence and genocide from the gitgo to Gitmo. The human body is made up of elements at war with itself. The whole thrust of existence, is the harmonization of these elements, within any particular human form. It doesn’t manifest in any wider way, except in those times far, far back before recorded history and waiting somewhere up the road, when those times return, as they will because cycles are the order of the day around here and always will be.
I imagine that certain elements of the readership are not always pleased with my calling attention to the killer cadre of a certain demographic. If more people did so, I wouldn’t have to. If more people had more sand and were more honest with themselves, I wouldn’t have to but… that would mean they would have to overcome that fatigue and their obsessions with transitory things, the misrepresentation of their opposite number and violence as a solution to perceived resistances and obstacles that stand in the way of their self interest and personal gain.
I’d sincerely rather not be here doing this day in and day out. It’s an ongoing labor that I have somehow explained to myself as a duty and a conferred occupation. Whether that is true or not hasn’t been made entirely clear but it is where I find myself. I would rather be resident in some ashram, or remote location, where all I encounter are the expressions of Nature and where I can celebrate my own, instead of being surrounded by perversions of it and where it is not nearly so bad as where many of you are. One day follows in the footsteps of the next. My novel sits there calling out to me every day, as I bypass it with my routines. My keyboard and guitars call out to me and I pass them by. I walk through a town where I have very little contact with the other inhabitants, except when I purchase food or some item. It’s been that way for twelve years.
You turn on the television and you see the focus and the conversations of our peculiar time. These are not my conversations. I don’t want to talk about any of these things. I look at the engagements and entertainments going on around me and I don’t want to engage in them and I don’t find myself entertained. I feel like I am slowly but most certainly walking out of this, no matter what direction I appear to be walking in. I’ve been told a lot of things but I don’t see them. Perhaps the time is not the time for them yet.
We’ve been having an increase in lost generations. Then again you see all kinds of mobilizations going on in places where change is demanded, insisted on. It’s hard to get a handle on a lot of it, unless you are in the middle of it because the media is an endless outpouring of lies. All lies, all the time.
I walk the streets of any town and I see legions of people, text messaging into the ozone or talking on their phones. Otherwise they have these earpods on. It’s all about being insulated from the world, unless you don’t want to be. It’s about self involvement and the philosophy of personal gain. This invariably leads to indifference about the lives of others and a casual attitude to bad things being done to anyone who isn’t you. So, a vast number of people become separated from essential Nature, to the point that Nature steps in. This is also a universal constant. It accounts for the wind-tossed fast food wrappers and endless panorama of empty beer cans that reflect a disposable culture of planned obsolescence that is not going to turn out the way they think it is; not hardly. A great many things are not going to conclude or satisfy because there are laws that control these things. There are a great many laws that pass unnoticed and unknown before the view of the general population. Many of the things we see operating about us every day are adaptations of laws of Nature, or perversions of laws of Nature. There is a great deal of that in this day and age and a tremendous press to legitimize all sorts of things and make them become replacements for something that will be forgotten in the replacement. This is all calculated and an expression of a particular force that has a great deal of influence over the human heart and mind in this day because material culture is rampant on a field of ignorance.
Lao Tzu was a librarian during his time among his fellows in the society of his day. One day he couldn’t handle being around his fellows anymore, so he got on his water buffalo and went to ride out through the great wall of China toward some unknown destination. We were never given to know what that destination was. As he passed through the gates, he was called aside by another sage who minded the gateway and asked to write down some portion of his teachings for the benefit of others. This is how the Tao Te Ching came into being. It survives to this day. A great many things of this day will not survive very long at all. They possess no lasting substance, except for the substance they are composed of, which may or may not, return to itself in the landfill or wherever it winds up.
In times like these, all you can do is keep on keeping on, or not go on at all. If you’re getting your measure of fulfillment and satisfaction from the marketplaces of the world then you’ve integrated and you will come and go with them. If you are an outcast you will probably come and go with something else.
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