Voice of the White House November 20, 2006

“The word is slowly working its way downwards that Bush has no intentions of disengaging in Iraq. He will never disengage in Iraq. He will temporize, lie, talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time but he will not leave Iraq. He might not get the odious Bolton in as U.S. Ambassador to the UN nor get a bill passed to give him the green light to tap all of our phones but he will never leave Iraq.

There is growing concern and even consternation in the ranks of the Weekend Warriors and their families that NG members are being activated to be sent to Iraq for some nutty “Final Attack” that Bush and Cheney have dreamed up. If they come home before Bush’s term expires, it will be in rubber bags. I said before that as long as Bush is in the Oval Office, our men will continue to die in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This afternoon I had lunch with a CIA operative who was telling me, in hushed tones, that we were going to put an Iraqi general officer up to leading a putsch against the present régime there. We have picked him out, bribed the hell out of him and hope, fingers crossed, that he will establish the same control Saddam had. Seems the new government, supposedly in our pocket, isn’t, and Bush is screaming for them to go. The idea is for the military to take over, kill off all the politicians, Shiite and Sunni alike, totally, and then run the country as we want them to. And we get dibs on the oil!

Saddam used to work with the CIA so we should have left him in place. How many dead to learn that lesson?”

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