Frank Olson: CIA Scientist Murdered for Moral Stand

by Darryl Roskow – ( Sept 13, 2012 

In the early morning hours of November 28th, 1953, Frank Olson — a high-ranking clandestine chemical and biological weapons expert for the US army and CIA — crashed through a closed window at the Hotel Pennsylvania in downtown Manhattan, plunging 13 stories to his death [1],[3],[10].
At the time, the media reported that Olson was a ‘government scientist’. Olson’s death was officially ruled to be a suicide [1],[10].
Years later, the CIA would admit to covertly dosing Olson with LSD – nine days prior to his death.

Who Was Frank Olson?

Frank Olson was a top scientist involved in U.S. ‘Deep State’ covert biological and chemical weapons research, conducted for the US Army and CIA [1].  Olson began his career at the U.S. Army Germ Warfare facilities at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, joining shortly after it opened in 1943 [2].
Olson’s son writes,
 “My father was a research scientist who was involved with germ warfare, associated with the Special Operations division. That was the most top secret kind of research that was done out at Fort Detrick, and [was done] in coordination with the CIA” [3].
As ‘Deputy Head of Special Operations’, Olson was involved in MKULTRA, MKNAOMI, Project Artichoke, Project Bluebird, and MKDELTA [1],[7]. Olson specialized in aerosol delivery systems [10].
Olson’s boss was CIA TSS chief and MKULTRA scientist Dr. Sydney Gottlieb who was in the employ of both the CIA and Lockheed at the time [1],[4],[10].

Atrocities in Progress:

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