The Comings and Goings in the Land of the Temporary

Visible Origami – September 13, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet and your minds not be so very dense.
Well now, there is a lot of talk about Obama’s falling out with Israel being a stage managed disinfo spectacle. As with so many things, I don’t know. So many things now appear to be lies, lies piled on top of lies. It’s an incredible growth industry, like the private prison system. Lies are the currency of our times. I have been astounded of late to find out an incredible amount of things, once considered true are just lies. It is staggering and it also points up the fact that the alternative media is riddled with lies and liars. As some of us know, appearances are a lie. They are the fundamental lie. Many who feel they are telling the truth, are misinformed about the things they say and are therefore, liars. There are things coming out now that signal a tremendous sea change in the world atmosphere.
This morning I got up and noticed a very big change in my own life. I don’t know what it is but it is a biggie and it is very positive. It has been with me since I rose. I immediately knew that something really big had happened for me but I have no idea what is. It has resulted in my talking to myself all day long at a clip heretofore unseen; talking right out loud, while walking down the street, no doubt to the consternation and amusement of the local inhabitants. For some reason, it all seems perfectly normal, although there is nothing normal about me, except that I am normally not normal. As Bruce Cockburn once said in his song, “The Trouble with Normal”, “the trouble with normal is, it always gets worse”. Abnormal is the new normal. As the world descends into more and more lies and confusion, it proceeds by increments. What this means is that it is difficult to track back to much earlier times, when things were different than they are now. It also goes around corners and you can’t see back around the corner.
My defense against this phenomenon, is that I attempt to reside in the timeless, where nothing important changes. The ordinary procedures and deployments that take place in the temporary world are to come to terms with the temporary as if it was real. It’s not. As said, appearances are the fundamental lie of the manifest world. This is a condition that most people suffer from and they store up their treasures in the land of the temporary and their treasures are temporary and so then are they, coming and going through the revolving door of coming and going. They repeat themselves over and over, without being aware of it because the tenets and truths of their comings and goings are hidden from them.
I’m in a really good mood and I have no idea why. I have been saying some of the most ridiculous things and making myself laugh as a result. Star-fleet Commander Visible got some kind of an upgrade or promotion and that, of course, is good news. I’m hoping every one of you will be getting an upgrade or a promotion, unless you are a Hasbara or a troll. We are then hoping you get a downgrade, or a demotion and that all of your efforts and aspirations are met with frustration and failure. I guess that’s okay, since everything they engage in, is to the general disadvantage of the rest of us.
We are refugees in search of light. Down the road, up the road we go and where we stop, nobody knows, or something like that. I want more light. I want a constant increase in light, for better seeing and a finer, more pervasive awareness. This is what I want. I don’t much want all the temporary things that surround us. These things come and go and the funny thing about possessions is that you don’t have to do anything to wind up with them. They have some mysterious reproductive cycle. They breed in the night somehow. They are not the only things that breed in the night or, would that darkness?
Something has definitely changed in my existence. It’s palpable. It’s strange and I am behaving like a looney bird. I’m not in the same vector that I was in yesterday. You know how it is when something radical happens in life, something radically good? You get all light footed and playful and even a bit absurd. That’s how I am at the moment. The world that was here before is now gone and I’m not all worked up about it putting in another appearance. It was a world that stayed around well past its due date and there was a sense that it was never going to change and then? It did.
Routines were just repeating themselves. Things that were tormenting me, kept on tormenting me, in my comings and goings, through the same consistent landscape. Meanwhile, 2012 hasn’t cracked up to be anything like the 2012 that a lot of us expected, at least no so far. That can all change in a heartbeat though.
I get the distinct feeling that someone is approaching me, someone I haven’t seen before or haven’t seen in a long time. Some things I’ve been waiting for, for a long time, are on their way but, I’m not sure exactly what they are. It seems like I should know what they are but I don’t. I don’t know much about things that concern me personally. They are very much hidden and, as always, there is a very good reason. There is a very good reason for a great many things but we aren’t given to know what those are either. Usually the powers that were, manufacture bogus reasons for everything. Otherwise we make them up on our own.
People seem to have a serious reluctance to seek a deeper meaning for things. They don’t like to look at what is hiding in plain sight. Really unpleasant things are going on in the oppressed regions. This particular region is Central Banker Heaven, although it is no kind of Heaven. The general population of them are demons. They are on their way to their natural home and what they have been up to is coming to an end. Yes, the general public has had blinders on for a very long time. They don’t want to know what they fear to be true. Therefore it is fear that rules them. There is no joy in such an existence. It is an empty and vacuous place. It lacks real substance because everything is on the surface. We live in a place where trivia is rampant on a field of ignorance. The one-eyed God of television is the living room altar. The governments are bankrupt. The economy is bankrupt. The religions are bankrupt. The culture is bankrupt. The winds of change are on the doorstep. We started out chasing the wind and now the wind is chasing us.
The bad guys, right on cue, have been exposed and are being more and more exposed by Mr. Apocalypse. In many cases they are bragging about their venomous practices. The conscienceless rich, are hypnotized by terrible excesses. They are a 3-D horror story. They are the architects of endless war.
Everyone who is here is here for a reason. They may not know what it is but they are here all the same. Seven billion people are here. Some kind of grand denouement is coalescing in the ethers. A small collection of remorseless psychopaths are destroying the quality of life for everyone. They came here from that far country of dumbass for a can of Whoopass. It’s the time of judgment and the turning of the age and those who can’t turn, will play follow the leader into the annals of infamy, or is that anals?
The things I see are all a kind of cosmic choreography. Everything fits into place, unless you don’t see it and then all kinds of things are hidden, or replaced with a schematic that fits the theme people want to believe in. People adjust their viewpoints to harmonize with what they want to believe, based on what they think they want, until they get it and realize that it’s not what they really wanted because that emptiness is still there.
What is real and what is not? That’s something we have to come to terms with but this is constantly and continuously avoided. In the end, it’s all false memory and sustained regret. Did all of those things happen? Did they happen the way we think they did? The clock keeps ticking and time goes by. Things don’t get fixed because they need to be broken, to justify all the bad shit that goes down. Everything could have been fixed a long time ago and so many better dreams could have come to pass but this did not happen. Perhaps they will still happen. Perhaps they will.
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