How I Found the Right Woman

By John – September 10, 2012 

In my teens and 20s, as my hormones raged (and as I was unwittingly programmed by all forms of media), I – as many other young men the world over – made finding a mate a focal point of my life. 
But I was always a little different than my friends, as I always picked women based more on their personality than their looks, and I wasn’t just looking to get laid.
I was looking for a wife and suitable mother. Of course, my friends made jokes and laughed at me. After all, what 18-year-old male in this society looks for a wife? 
Apparently, just me. Now here’s where it gets peculiar… That I was looking for a long term, committed relationship that could blossom into marriage and children seemed to scare away a majority of the girls. 
If I showed affection I was too needy; if I talked about life in the long-term I was acting like a “grandpa”; and if I got upset when a girlfriend would flirt with another guy, I was “too controlling”… it was absolutely amazing how many girls would easily spread their legs, but as soon as I’d mention exclusivity, I quickly went from being the hot status symbol (I was a drummer in rock bands from the time I was 13, and did it professionally for a while, just a hobby today) to being “boring” and “needy” and i quickly would be dumped or would be cheated on.

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