The 9/11 Plug-Ugly Circle Jerk Blues

Reflections in a Petri Dish – September 11, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.Seven come 9/11.
Yes! Israel did 9/11. Yes, the government put in this ridiculous 9/11 monument. They think if they set something in stone that that legitimizes it. Bullshit! Israel did 9/11, along with the Bushligula criminals. A tip of the hat to the commenter who came up with the name Zio-tards. Yes, they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to memorialize a lie. We are used to them spending huge amounts of money for complete lies and then collecting much, much more. The lies, it seems are truly outrageous. I don’t know the truth of this matter but it is thought provoking. Do you need fuel in a weightless environment?Larry Silverstein, what a reptile. He spent 15 million and got billions and the insurance companies paid off. I’m trying to get my head around all of this. Why does no one go on TV, the internet, or an orange crate somewhere; someone well known and say it? Something very weird is going on. Surely there are connected people, whose names we all know, who can shake the foundations of this world of lies. Surely there are a great many people on the inside who can recite chapter and verse but… but… WTF?Today, like a great many days, lives in infamy. We can journey into the past to other days of infamy; days when great leaders pronounced them ‘days of infamy’. We can go back and look at the lives and words of so called great men, who lied through their teeth, like the sons of whores that they were, men like Winston Churchill and we can look at the men and women of the present who collectively lie and lie and lie. Why does Ahmanedijad not just come right out and say that Israel did 9/11? I know that Israel did 9/11, surely he does. Why does Chavez and so many others not simply declare what they must know to be true? This is a real riddle to me. Why doesn’t Putin say it? WTF?
Why do those who say that 9/11 was an Inside Job, not mention the obvious players? WTF? Why does no famous person say anything? Why didn’t Gore Vidal say it? Why don’t those who are old and nearing death but with a large name recognition factor say anything? Something very weird is going on. Look at some of the stupendous hoaxes, perpetrated on the human consciousness. Some of us come forth and speak of these things but no one with any large recognition factor says anything. WTF?
The free world has been reduced to a prison camp in so many locations. The police are shooting people at random and laughing about it. Wars are being waged and millions are being killed and everyone goes along with the program. I can’t get my head around it. When I look closely, when I focus, it blows my mind. I literally do not know what to think. Why wasn’t Bin Laden more forthcoming? Why didn’t he make clear and concise videos and send them out all over the place? Why, why, why, everything? Why doesn’t anyone like Alex Jones suddenly grow some balls and admit to being a worked whore, who’s been ridden hard and put away wet?
How can a vast army of ignorant Shmoos, watch three buildings come down at freefall, into their own footprint and not be aware of how impossible this is? How can you and I know all the things we know and most of everyone else knows Jack Shit; has Jack Shit as a permanent houseguest. How can Israel attack in Mumbai and the Indians just let it slide? How can the British swallow 7/7 and the Spanish swallow 3/11 and meanwhile be dragged into impoverishment by the same people who did it? I’m looking directly at all of this in this very moment and it is bewildering and strange beyond definition. WTF?
Eleven years follow in the footsteps of hundreds of years of lies. The Zio-Nazis killed tens of millions of Russians. We know who was behind the Bolshevik Revolution. We know who made up the majority of the Cheka and yet… and yet? WTF?
This is a big mystery. We in the alternative mind community look at all of the details surrounding this colossal clusterfuck but we don’t often look at this detail. It’s puzzling beyond understanding. It is a bedeviling thing. WTF?
I know they’re going down. I know this by means that I cannot explain. It is something rooted in a place that predates recorded history. It is something that resonates within, the same way I an aware of the protections that surround me. The same way I am aware of things I can’t see and the same way I am mercilessly messed with and have no idea why it happens. It comes out of the blue and goes on for a period of time, with one inexplicable event following the other, in various rooms of the house, all over the computer, defying all reason and logic. It presses and presses, until the sheer force of it accomplishes what it seems to want from me and then, whoosh, it’s gone. WTF?
Things happen at these websites that follow no logic. Connections occur at far distances and they are strikingly similar. I go on excursions with Lady K, and I see things and hear things that are way off planet, way outside what passes for the usual fare on this planet. It happens over and over again. It extends beyond everything we might call bizarre and there is a consistency to it that insists it is valid and real. WTF?
I won’t go on at length here today. Of late, sometimes, my postings come to a point where I can’t say anything more. This is one of those times. WTF?
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